Just wants to Play

I’ve got this knot on the side of my shoulder blade, just out of reach of my hands. It hurts. I asked Superman to rub it out for me. When he found it, he says “Is that a tumor?” Nope. Just a typical back knot I get from time to time. 

Since Superman can’t be there doing his best Deep Tissue Massage, I thought I’d use a tennis ball. I dug in the bottom of my tennis bag and found a rogue ball. My idea was that I could lay on the ball with it placed right where the knot is and roll it around.

 So I’m lowering myself down, when ZIPPP! Sam grabs the ball, wagging her tail, runs to the front door ready to play.  She makes me smile. Of course, I play her game of hide n’ seek. I hide the ball then she finds it. 

Now give me that ball back silly girl!

Thanks for dropping by!

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