Things I’ve Discovered This Week

I’ve been pondering a few things from this past week. Can I share with you a few of my Ah Ha moments? 

*I’m so thankful I live here in South Cackalacky. I woke up this morning at 6:30 with the sun already peeking out. I saw blue skies, heard the birds chirping and I know spring is almost here. Sorry friends in the Northeast.

*It used to be that when someone said something that hurt my feelings, I would take it personally. I would think “Oh no! They’re right! I need to change.” When actually, I probably need to slow down to making conclusions and think about what they’ve said. And maybe. Just maybe…they are the ones with the problem. Could it be that maybe it isn’t all about me?

*I discovered a big ol’ hole in the back of my pants. The seam had split right open. How many times have I worn those pants with that hole in the back? Did I wear these pants and the whole world saw my granny-panties? Oh heavens.

*Going to see a movie with a bunch of girlfriends is way better for my waistline than going with Superman. Six of us drove to Greenville to see the movie The Dropbox. After showing our tickets to the ticket guy, NOT ONE woman walked to the food counter. It doesn’t matter if we’ve just had dinner, Superman leads us straight to the snack bar for hydrogenated fats and loads of sugar…popcorn, Milk Duds, Raisinetts,Sour Patch Kids and a bottle of water. (We do have health sense…we refuse to drink sodas.) The popcorn really smelled good, but my friends were such a good influence that I took my seat empty handed. 

*I DO have self control! Huh. Who knew? One day after church a sweet Girl Scout walked up to my family and asked us if we would like to buy some cookies. Well, my 3 guys jumped in and ordered 9…yes NINE boxes! Here I am trying to get fit before Mary Claire’s wedding. I love Thin Mints and Caramel Delights (the old school girl in me wants to call them Samoas. Very politically incorrect.) I want you to guess how many cookies I have eaten. Go ahead guess……3!!!! Not three boxes, but three cookies! Damn I’m good.

*i love my friends. A good friend of mine, who will remain anonymous, was walking out of Lowes on Saturday, when a young scout asked if she would like to buy a box. Being the charitable gal she is, she bought a box of Thin Mints. Her husband was out of town, so as she watched an HGTV marathon, she found she had eaten half the box. “Oh Dear!” thought she. What should she do? If her husband came home to see a half box of Thin Mints gone he would say “Dang Girl! You ate half a box all by yourself?” So she did the very best thing…she ate the rest of the cookies!! Then hid the empty box at the bottom of the outside garbage can. I Love Her!

*Exercising is so much more fun when done with friends. On one hand, it’s a lot more convienent to go on my own, but it can be boring. I meet up with Angie for a good brisk walk and lots of talking. I play tennis on Wednesdays with the nicest gals ever. And I enjoy a semi personal workout class with a few friends on Thursday. We aren’t having to jockey for space in the room. We encourage each other by making that a date and empathize when we can’t lift our arms to wash our hair. Friends are good that way.

*I am able to see the good intentions in some awkward moments. I have the sweetest mother-in-law ever. Her heart is so big. On Valentine’s Day we invited her over to have a special dinner with us. She was so kind, she brought Godiva Chocolates for the guys. I mean who doesn’t like a good chocolate truffle? Then she gave me… wrinkle cream…….I’ll let you think about that. 

Now I could’ve been completely and totally offended, but I wasn’t. As she said, she knew I was trying to lose weight for the wedding and knew how frustrating it could be when someone gives a gift of candy, almost sabotaging your efforts.  I appreciate that. She said that she saw on tv that this was the number one product for reducing those pesky lines. My only issue with the wrinkle cream is that it doesn’t come in a tub! 

*I realize that I should be able to get every bit of my nutritional needs from the foods I eat. I’m sure there are people out there who do. While I was on my detox, I didn’t use any supplements like vitamins or such. Because I was going to get all of my vitamins and minerals from the foods I ate. Yea right. What I found was that my nails became peely, brittle and wonky I again. I decided to get back on my multi vitamin, B12, Vitamin D, probiotic and Biotin kick. Huh. In just a week, my nails are already stronger. 

*I’m now obsessed with bible journaling. Wha-what?!? Draw, much less paint in my bible? Yup! What if, for someone like me, who wakes up every day wanting to create something beautiful and is able to do so for my own sake and contemplate the words in the bible? To be able to totally forget about what someone else thinks…to pray, to read and to immerse myself in God’ s word by drawing, doodling and creating….that is so cool. Two women, Stephanie Ackerman and Rebekah Jones, have inspired me to use this part of me to worship Him. 

*I think God is asking me to go on a new adventure- opening up a little shop~spot at a local store called The Vintage Warehouse. The owners are super talented ladies who remake-redo-reuse furniture, lamps, artwork and home accessories. Then after admiring all of their amazing stuff up front, (btw I want it all) you are encouraged to wander out to the next huge room which is filled with booths of creative artists from around the area. After my first visit, I immediately called my uber talented friend Dagmar and encouraged her to sell her crafts here. In her first month she’s made a profit! Now back to me. Because it’s gotta be about me. All about me. Me me me me me me.

I’m wrestling with the idea of selling some things here. Am I really hearing from God? Or is it just me on another whim? There are so many artists and crafters out there selling their stuff, does the world really need another one? Would anyone buy my stuff? I’ve never done this before. What if I fail? Am I trying to fill some ego? Or has God given me a talent to create? What if my talents were able to touch someone? What if my crafts made someone happy? What if. 

*Lastly, I’ve discovered that the best way of spreading the Good News, is to just be oneself. My friend, Mary, (who I wrote about here), carries her bible around with her at school. Another teacher noticed and began asking questions about Mary’s faith. When Mary told her that it helps her to keep focused on God and prays throughout the day. The teacher responded that she could never just pray anywhere to her God, because in her religion she isn’t allowed to pray unless she is clean~meaning washed or bathed. I am so thankful my God already knows how messy and sinful I am. I don’t have to pretend. And how freeing is that? I can just be me. I’m not sure how the story will end with Mary and her colleague. But I see the opportunity of Mary’s simple act of carrying a bible to work caught the eye of an unbeliever. No tracts. No bible beating. No in-your-face condemnation. Just loving kindness. Just a book. THE book. I think that’s cool.

Have you discovered anything lately? 

Thanks for dropping by

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