Just Sitting Here

I have no idea what tomorrow’s weather is suppose to be, but today is Gor-Ge-Ous!  

 It’s 75 degrees. The sun is out at 5:30pm. Ahhhh… 

My shoes are kicked off  and I realize I am in need of a serious pedicure. I would love to think that I could be wearing my flip flops from now on, but I have a feeling we still have a few cold snaps in our future. 

 Cheez-It’s, a glass of wine and the newest edition of Garden and Gun that has arrived fresh in my mailbox today. The perfect remedy for my out of sorts mood I’ve been in lately. I haven’t wanted to do anything. The radio is turned off in my car, because the noise is just too much. I couldn’t even cut and glue. I haven’t been depressed. I think I was just physically, emotionally and spiritually tired. Sitting here on my deck is so therapeutic. The sun is warm, the birds are chirping and I really feel relaxed.

(Even the two little girls who are swimming in their pool behind us right now, whining and fighting aren’t bothering me. I’m just glad they aren’t mine! …….Ok. Truthfully? They are reeeally on my. Last. Nerve. But I think if I can think happy thoughts, like “they aren’t mine” and ” I’m so glad my kids are older”, then maybe I won’t be as irritated.)

Adam came home yesterday for spring break. Oh my goodness! What a joy it is to have him home. Things are kind of crazy right now at his college and it’s just good to take care of my boy. He asked if I could make him meatloaf. Yup! That I can do. I even pulled together some banana puddin too. Adam and Superman flew out early this morning to ski in Colorado for a couple of days. It will be good for the two of them to hang out and get away for a while.

  Poor old Sam is hurting today. Since Monday she has been limping, so I took her to see her vet. Luckily the X-ray showed nothing wrong. The doctor suspects she pulled a muscle around her hip joint. The shot they gave to relax her for the X-ray has knocked her out all day long. She’s been a practical coma since we got home. I would peek in on her while I was washing my car, making sure she was still breathing. I’m watching her as if she’s a child…well she is my baby.  

 Lilly Muffin is keeping an eye on things. She’s making me laugh at the way she’s  catching bugs in the window. Such a good kitty. 

 Just last week these pansies were looking a bit wilted and brown. And just like me…a little bit of sunshine and warm temps have us feeling good. I look forward to seeing the purple clematis bloom on the bare branches there on the trellis. When I stroke the Rosemary, sweet fragrance fills the air. Yeah I’m starting to feel better.

Life can come at us fast sometimes. In the past two weeks there has been sickness and  injustice, death and failures, disappointments and hurts. There have been emergencies and long to dos, spontaneous events and unfinished projects, late nights and early mornings. 

And I have had a mailbox full of encouraging love notes from friends…three in one day!  I’ve heard about God working his stuff in friends’ lives. I got to spend time with my momma. I had a sweet evening with a sweet friend. My basement had a dozen women gathered with a cups of coffee, bibles open and speaking with hearts wide open and words of wisdom. I shared the gospel of truth to the women at the homeless shelter. (I love the excitement and conversation we have on Thursday mornings!)

So yeah. I’ve been out of it. Not myself. Crying and sad sometimes. But now. Right now in this moment I am happy. I’ve made a few mistakes, but they can be fixed. Tomorrow is a new day. The sun will rise. I am forgiven and loved.

Thanks for dropping by! 


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