A Party for a Princess

  After almost two years, they finally sold their castle! David and Debbie would drive the hour and half from their lake house to Spartanburg to play tennis and do doctors visits while the house was being sold.

 We are so happy for them to finally sell their castle, but yet so unhappy that they won’t be here anymore. They’ve lived in the neighborhood for over 21 years. So to not seeing them out walking or on the court will be sad. After a beautiful morning of tennis, we headed over to Dagmar’s house for a Princess Luncheon. 

 In perfect Dagmar fashion, the table was set with jewels, tuille, and candies fit for the queen. 

 The duchesses, princesses and queens all wore their tiaras. 

Button, the four-legged prince showed off  his crown! 

 Food fit for only the most royal was served. 

 Even the watermelon was shaped in a crown! 

 Royalty from near and far came to celebrate Debbie. 

  Prince David grabbed a bite for his lunch, but refused to set his plate on the beautiful table.  
 The silly royal jester said “If you don’t set your plate down then I will eat your food!” 

  We filled out plates. 

We made toasts to our Princess Deb. 

 We shared stories and laughed. 

 Princess Deb opened gifts. 

 She was presented with the royal hairbrush. It plays music as you style your hair to look like Belle or Rapunzel. (FYI…this hairbrush really does have special powers. It would periodically begin to sing, for no reason at all! Some would call it creepy, I mean…obnoxious, I mean special.) 

 Some tears were shed. 

 But most of all there was lots of laughter! And I think this is the best way to say thank you to a friend of many years.  This isn’t good-bye, just so long for now. 

Prince David and Princess Deb, get the floats ready because we coming to visit! 


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