Top 10 Things That Make Me Excited Today

  1. Standing in my garden with bare feet in my pajamas.

 2. Spaghetti sauce in the making. 

 3. A juicy red watermelon growing on the vine. 

 4. A good old southern tomato sandwich with Dukes mayo, salt and pepper on soft bread. Yum. 

 5. First harvest of beans.  

 6. I officially bought the last wild berry ribbon in Spartanburg county. Luckily for me, these last two rolls were all I needed to finish up. 

 7. Last of the craft projects done. (Mary Claire’s laces for her wedding shoes.) 

 8. Two groomsmen are complete with suits, white shirts and black shoes. Whew. 

 9. In one day, I will be sitting in a place just like this. 

 10. In one week, we will be sitting here giving our daughter away to a wonderful young man.

Gotta go pack! Thanks for dropping by! 


The Big Ol’ Bowl

    So we are having a little delema here at the house. Superman and the boys decided to have an intervention with me as we were riding home from church last Sunday. 

(Probably pretty smart on their part…1. I couldn’t run away and 2. Coming from church I was all full of that good loving spirit.) 

Superman began the conversation with, “Honey, we love you! And truly appreciate all you do for us, but we’re a bit concerned.” 

(Ok. He didn’t really say that.) 

But he did say “Honey, we need new bowls.” (Hee hee… every time I write ‘honey’, it comes out ‘homey’. I think that’s funny. Anyhoo….)

“New bowls? Why?”

Then a chorus from the back seat chimes in. “Yea Mom, we need new bowls. Our’s suck.” (I did NOT teach them that word.)

“How for art thou?” 

“Those white bowls aren’t big enough for our cereal.” 

Thomas explains that the Mexican (????) ones are great for soup and chili because you can rest your bread on the side. And the small blue ones are the perfect size for ice cream.

(FYI: the Mexican ones T is talking about are actually clay artisan bowls from the NC mountains. Close, I guess.)

Superman said the white bowls aren’t big enough and are too fragile. (Again…?????) “They have that swirly pattern on them. ” 

Oh! Nowww I see! …..(not really.) Can’t you guys just pour a second bowl of Fruit Loops if you’re still hungry?

Superman: “Honey, we’ve had those bowls since we got married.” (Actually we’ve had them only about five years, but who’s counting?)  

 This is coming from the man who doesn’t believe in having his coffee mug washed. Why? You may be asking? His thinking is why wash it when he’s going to be using it the next day. 

(I, of course, will throw it in the dishwasher when he isn’t looking. But I let him have a few days of coffee build up before I take care of things.)

Anyways,  I started my hunt for some Big Ol’ Bowls. Tuesday Mornings, a store in town, is closing its doors, so I searched ther first. Honestly, the large bowls they had  were either too expensive, too heavy or only had one. I need three. Superman asked that evening if I had bought any bowls yet. I told him no such luck at one store. He says “This isn’t rocket science, I can find some in five minutes.” Oh reeallly now. What he didn’t realize was that what I had just heard was Game On!

 So, yesterday I continued my hunt for a Big Ol’Bowl. First stop…PetSmart. This one is cute, but too doggy.  

  Because of this fact, I thought that maybe the guys needed this bowl… 

 I ain’t never seen such a thing! The idea is that if you have dog or boy who inhales their food, these raised places in the bowl would keep them from bloating. I wonder if it helps guys from belching and farting too. Hmmm. 

 This would be awesome for times they want to eat while playing the X-Box!  

I found these beauties. I thought they fit the criteria perfectly…large, high sides, and manly. Unfortunately, they only had one of the extra large bowls. No good. Must have three. 

 Decided I need to go elsewhere. I drove across the street to good old Walmart. Here are some of the choices I had. The Owls were definitely a No. The green one was nice but not a manly color. The blue flowers were too girly. I really liked the large red bowl, but of course that was the only one. I need three people! 

 So guess what I did. I went to the pet department and bought three Big Ol’ Bowls!  

 When I got home, I started cutting vinyl to label each of the bowls. 

 It took a small bit of time to fully accessorize the Big Ol’Bowls, but my guys are worth it. 

 Each fella got a personalized Big Ol’ Bowl, Superman, Adam and… 

 Thomas. See? A Big Ol’ Bowl of Frosted Flakes! Perfect!

So there you have it. My dilemma solved. Each guy has a customized Big Ol’ Bowl for all of their sugary cereal needs. Don’t worry men, Momma has it all handled. You can count on me.

Thanks for dropping by!