Top 10 Things That Make Me Excited Today

  1. Standing in my garden with bare feet in my pajamas.

 2. Spaghetti sauce in the making. 

 3. A juicy red watermelon growing on the vine. 

 4. A good old southern tomato sandwich with Dukes mayo, salt and pepper on soft bread. Yum. 

 5. First harvest of beans.  

 6. I officially bought the last wild berry ribbon in Spartanburg county. Luckily for me, these last two rolls were all I needed to finish up. 

 7. Last of the craft projects done. (Mary Claire’s laces for her wedding shoes.) 

 8. Two groomsmen are complete with suits, white shirts and black shoes. Whew. 

 9. In one day, I will be sitting in a place just like this. 

 10. In one week, we will be sitting here giving our daughter away to a wonderful young man.

Gotta go pack! Thanks for dropping by! 


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