A Southern Wedding

  The  invitations were sent and the big day had arrived. The Legare-Waring House at Charlestowne Landing was ready for a big celebration.
 The  dress fit perfectly. 

  Did I tell you that this is the same dress I wore for my wedding 28 years ago? The very talented seamstress took the big ol’ puffy sleeves off and added these beautiful lace straps. Amazing. 
 Don’t  you love her shoe choice? Heck, we were planning on dancing! I bought satin ribbon and made some fancy shoelaces.  

 Shayla came to do Mary Claire’s hair and make-up. As a gift to the bridesmaids, the girls could choose between getting their hair or their make-up done. Shayla and Carrie were absolutely the best! Their company, PaperDolls, provides on-site bridal hair and airbrush makeup services for your wedding or photo session.

 The flowers, done by Karen at Keepsake Events, were breath taking.  

 Time for everyone to get dressed. Isn’t he handsome? 

 Ties tied, vests buttoned up, dresses zipped… 

 Chloe, Mary Claire’s maid-of-honor, got a little emotional seeing MC for the first time in her wedding dress. 

 The bridesmaids prayed over Mary Claire, showering her with blessings. 

 When Superman saw his baby girl for the first time, he cried too. 

 He gave her a beautiful pearl necklace and pair of earrings. 

 Guests began to arrive. 

 The wedding begins. Adam first walked down Superman’s mother, Vera or as we all affectionately call her…Nanny. Then he ran back to the starting line. 

 Thomas escorted my mom down the aisle to her seat….then trotted back to the starting line. 

 Next it’s MY turn! (Then the two of them ran back again. Good thing they’re so young and healthy and oh, so handsome. My boys…) 

 Then they actually got to escort a pretty bridesmaid down the aisle. 

 I love the girl’s dresses! They ordered them from UW Dresses, where Claire picked the color and the girls picked the style that suited them the best.

 Here she comes Tyler! 

 Awww….. If I can say so myself, Superman looks awful handsome! 

 Tyler’s twin sister, Sarah, read scripture. 

 They read their own vows to each other. 

 This the point where her brother, Adam got a bit teary eyed. He said that when he saw the emotion in Mary Claire’s eyes and heard her promises to Tyler, he just couldn’t hold it in. 

 I love this picture with the cross and the avenue of oaks behind them. 

 Rings were exchanged and…. 

 Now Tyler could kiss his bride! 

 Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Andrews! 

 And they all said “YIPPEE!!!” 

 This wedding was just perfect. It was simple and elegant. Mary Claire and Tyler wanted the main thing be the main thing and that was to glorify God in the union of man and woman. 

 They wanted the cross to be the focus in what the guests saw, in the words spoken and songs sung.  

 I could not be more happy for my baby girl. She radiated joy, peace and love on her special day. I am so proud to be her momma. 
Thanks for dropping by today.  I hope to share with you the fun celebration we had at the reception. I hope you’ll join me then!  


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