Just Dreaming

  Today my mind feels like it’s going to explode with ideas and dreams. My body is twitchy and my mouth is running at full speed. (Poor Linda and Dodie listened to me rattle on with my arms and hands waving erratically all over the place. I’m sorry! Thank you for listening!)
I get these ideas in my head sometimes. They are strong and won’t leave me alone. For example when I had this crazy idea to start a blog. I had no idea whatsoever how to start one or have any computer experience, but it wouldn’t leave me be until I went for it. Once I decided that I wasn’t going to try to make any money off of it, but to just write to encourage, it has been fun! 

Some ideas have been flops. I once thought I really wanted to get a christian counseling degree. I volunteer with homeless women and I wanted to understand how to help them better. So instead of putting in an application to college, I chose to dip my toe in by buying an expensive curriculum about christian counseling for women. I have watched about half of the videos, but they are so boring! I’m sure if I continue to watch them, I will gain more insight. But I hate that I wasted the money.

  For the past 23 years I have been a stay-at-home momma. In two years, Superman and I will be empty nesters. I wonder what our life is going to be like. I’m not afraid or anything like that, just wondering. I dream that Superman and I will hang out like this when he comes home from work…relaxed, chit chatting about our day over a glass of wine or a nice cold beer.
Will we live in this house? Do we downsize? Buy a vacation home?  

 My friend Sissy and I have talked for years about buying some land together and our two families build homes near each other. My dream would be to have a farmhouse with a wraparound porch. I’ve always wanted a big porch. Maybe have chickens, a goat or two, heck maybe even a cow! 

Then Reality chimes in to ask “Who is going to mow those many acres?” “You are only getting older, why do you want to move farther away from the grocery store, church and Target?!?” “You can’t even keep up with maintenance around the house you have, how will you do it on a farm with critters?” Where we live now, I am less than ten minutes from church, less than five from the grocery store and Target (yea!) and walking distance from the tennis courts. So why are these crazy ideas even coming in my wee brain?  

 Ok. I won’t move. Then I have this crazy idea about building a craft studio in the backyard. My craftroom right now is in a windowless room. Wouldn’t it be so wonderful to sew, paint, cut and glue in this adorable little cottage?

Reality says that this is all cute and all, but you have a bedroom upstairs that could be turned into a craftroom. Forget about the fact that you just redecorated it into a guest room, use it for you! No one ever visits anyway.

Awww, but it is so cute.

 Ok, I’ll keep my house, but what about a mountain house? Superman loves the mountains! I could see us spending long weekends here hiking and relaxing.

If I had a vacation home, I dream of it being near water. It can be a river or a stream… 

 Or even a lake. Water relaxes me. And puppies like it too! 

Then Reality strikes again. If we have a second home, would we feel like we had to go there every free weekend? What about maintenance? When we visited, would we spend most of our time doing chores? 

Ok, so maybe not a mountain house. What about a house in Charleston? Our kids seem to be living down there and if we had a house there, we wouldn’t have to try to find a hotel room. We could hang out at the beach, paddle board, kayak, fish and of course see our future grandkids. 

Reality reminds me of the issues of owning a second home. Remember how wonderful, it is to rent, visit then turn the key in. No hassles. No problems. 

 I’ve been dreaming, also of selling some things I’ve made.  I would love to make, sell and give the profits to different charity organizations. I get so much joy out of cutting, sewing, paper, colors, fabrics, glue and paint…anything creative. I think to myself, why not do something useful with this talent and passion? I could have a table at a craft fair or sell on Etsy. 

Then Negative Nelly wonders, what if no one wants any of your stuff? What if it’s all a waste of time?

 There’s this little house for sale nearby. I’d love to paint it blue with white trim, cut the bushes down to the correct height and turn this baby into a shop! We don’t have many small gift shops around, so I could see this Little Blue House being the place to shop for handmade and unique items. 

I know that not every woman has a craftroom like mine. But they might like to create without having to buy all the scissors, punches, machines, paper and glue. What if women could gather here to socialize, have some snackies and make something they could take home? 

Yet I hear the questions and Reality of facts. “Mary, you know nothing about running a business. Do you realize how many businesses fail? To own a small business requires you to almost be married to it. And a gift shop?!? You will have to be open on weekends and holidays! You don’t have the time for such foolishness! You give up too easy. It takes such hard work to make something like this successful. Seriously? A gift shop?!?” 

  I guess it doesn’t hurt to dream. I think it’s good to think things through.
I have no idea what my life is going to look like when the kids are out of the house and Superman and I are stuck looking at each other. Am I suppose to be doing more? As the new school calendar starts again, how does my week look? Do I need to reprioritize? I can’t shake the feeling that something is about to change. I want to be ready. I want to glorify God in whatever I do. 

Maybe today, I just need to be still. I’ll continue to file away ideas. And I will keep on dreaming. Who knows?

 Do you have dreams? Are you scared like me to take a chance? What if your idea isn’t crazy at all? I’d love to hear about them! 

Thanks for letting me share! 




Desert Adventure part 2

  So, the last time I was writing, I was here, hanging off a 130 foot ledge.  
 The following day you could find me here, sitting by the edge of a pool reading a good book, while the boys are out mountain biking. When they started regaling about the times they flew over the handlebars the last time they were here, I said “Nope. Momma ain’t goin.” 

 That didn’t mean my adventure was over. Oh no! We had a guided Jeep Tour with Santa Clause to go on. 

 You might be thinking, “Ahhh a little tour of the scenic area in a jeep. How nice.”  

 Honey! This wasn’t that type of tour!  

 Dan Mick, aka Santa Clause, gave us one heck of a tour. The guys were totally hanging out the side of the jeep taking pictures and ouuuing and ahhhing about the abilities of the jeep. 

 While I, on the other hand, was just holding on! There were some parts on this tour called “Hell’s Revenge”, where we climbed up boulders that had us facing straight up, straight down and sideways. Again, I just held on. 

 Mick gave us a detailed education about the land and showed us dinosaur tracks. But the highlight of the evening was watching the sunset. Everywhere we turned the mountains reflected absolute beauty.  Old Mick even set out some brownies, strawberries and whipped cream. He’s such a romantic.

 Now the jeep tour was great and such, but I had to get back to pack for our three day…yes! 3 DAY backpacking trip! Last year, I went on my first backpacking trip.   

 After finishing last year’s trip, I kinda vowed to have that checked off my list of things to do. Yet, in typical Mary fashion, I didn’t quite hear all the details about this year’s trip. Superman had mentioned climbing to the top of Kings Peak, the highest point in Utah. We would all hike 8 miles to base camp, spend the night then the guys would climb to the top and come back the next day.

Uh…notice what is missing? ME! “So, like what do I do? Am I hanging out at the tent by MYSELF?!?” 

Superman responds encouragingly, “We’ll be by a lake and you can bring a book!” 

“Well then. If I can bring a book.” What part of being by myself does he not get?!?

Again. “I have to stay by myself all night in a tent?” 

“Yea, but you can bring a book!” 

A book.

Conferring with all of my wise friends, they ALL said, every single last one of them, that this was a CRAZY idea! And that I needed to have my husband’s head checked, get a room at a nice hotel and reservations at a spa. (I love my friends!)

Superman came to his half senses and agreed to go up and back in the same day. He even used his status as a super hero in my eyes, because he gave me my very own emergency whistle! If anything were to happen, I could just blow away. He and the boys would be there in hours to help me!….great. 

 After a five hour drive from Moab, we started our hike to base camp. 

 The terrain was relatively flat, but made just a little bit challenging with the rocky areas. The scenery and temperatures were out of this world. 

 So the next morning, the guys left at 6 am and I was left to be my own wilderness girl. I successfully boiled my own water for coffee and oatmeal. 

 Later, I ingeniously figured out a way to hook the water filter to a branch by the lake, so I could pump clean water into several water containers. 

 As it turned out, Superman was right….as usual. The scenery was breath taking. There was no creeper hanging around to assault me, in fact there wasn’t anyone around. There were no scary bears out to eat me. Just a million and one mosquitoes and black flies to annoy the living hang out me! Ugh. (I know that God don’t make junk, but what is the purpose of mosquitoes? Just askin.) 

 After my camp chores, I found a spot by a rock that I could lean against, see the pretty lake and mountains, had a cup of hot tea and my book. 

Again Superman was right. (Ugh, it really gets annoying how right he is most of the time….most of the time.) All I needed was the lake and a good book.

The guys got back around 2:00 in the afternoon, completely worn out. Although for a few moments I agonized about what a whimp I was for not going to the top, I realized that if I looked around, there weren’t any 49 year old women hanging around. In fact, I think I saw maybe two, young, under 25 year old girls make their way up. I was good.


Vacation: vey-kay-shun, noun- a period of suspension of work, study, or other activity, usually used for rest, recreation, or travel; recess or holiday

 Ok. So Superman doesn’t quite understand the part of the definition that says “usually used for rest”, but I have to give it to him…our vacations are awesome! We go places that most folks don’t go. We go off the beaten path. He challenges me and makes me realize I can do more than I think I can. He creates memories for our family. Thank you Superman!

Thanks for dropping by!