My friend Jack

My son, Thomas has turned 17 years old. I know, that all of us mommas are shocked when our babies grow up. How does it happen so fast? Well, I’ve decided to change his room from the one he’s had since third grade to a more grown up version. (That whole process deserves its own post later.) 

 I’m boxing everything up. Completely emptying and cleaning out the room. There is a box to donate and one to keep. Thomas says to just throw it all away, but I know that one day, it’ll be fun to look back and remember. 

Geodes, rocks for a cairn, trophies, and a signed Harlem Globe Trotters program are all keepers for now. 

 Snake skins, Sharks teeth, alligator head, shells and lava rocks must be saved. 

 As much as he loved the “Magic Tree House” series, I think donating them to library for other children to fall in love with is the right thing to do. 

 I found these three ring binders, his sweet teachers from elementary school put together for each child. Inside is a collection of the child’s writings and a few pieces of artwork from throughout the year.

 In kindergarten, Thomas was in Mrs. Jones’ class with Jack. They had become friends in preschool.  

 In the kindergarten binder I found some of his journal writings. Mrs. Jones would give the class the beginning of a sentence they needed to copy, then the children would complete the sentence in their own words. I’m not too sure what “fbtj” is, but I’m sure they had a blast playing it.

 Although Dad didn’t have much to do with Jack being Thomas’ friend, it is awful sweet of Thomas to be thankful for this friendship.

I think this is about the time of the cleaning and boxing up process, that I started crying. 

 You see, like I was saying at the beginning of this post, Thomas just turned 17. We took him and two of his buddies to dinner. Who did Thomas ask to celebrate with us? Jack. 

This type of friendship is one that many of us will never experience. In the many years they have been friends, I have never heard an unkind word between them. They encourage one another, celebrate the wins and share in the sorrows. I don’t know what will happen in two years when they go off to college, but I am sure they will find a way to keep in touch. 

Hmm…I wonder what else I will find in this room.

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