Bottle Cap Fish

  I’ve been collecting bottle caps for a while now. I’ve found the designs and colors inviting. When we were in California last year, we ate at a pizza joint where you popped the top to your drink and the cap fell into a container. I asked the manager what she did with all the caps and she said if I wanted them I could take them. Well, golly gee! Thank you! Unfortunately, I could only take what I could carry in my pockets, purse and shirt. I’ve had friends save bottle caps and I have a basket where the few we have get deposited.  

 (Picture source unknown)

My first thought was to cover a coffee table I have in the basement. But after further research, it would’ve been a complete mess with the epoxy. 


So what to do next…I searched through Pinterest for ideas.  


Isn’t this totally cool?!? 


Yea! My car!! I could hot glue bottle caps all over my car!!  

 Then I find these beautiful pieces of artwork by The Moore Family Artwork. They inspired me. 

 I got to work pulling 4 pieces of wood off a pallet to use for the base. Can I just say that this was NOT an easy task for me? I sweated, I grunted and I maybe even said a few cuss words. And yet… 

 My sweet son-in-law and friend built this incredible wall entirely of wood from pallets!! (The secret is to drop the pallets on the corners to wiggle them loose. Who knew?) 

 Anyway, this is what the back looks like. 

 I drew a picture on the back of some wrapping paper, then laid it upon a piece of tracing paper. I went back over the lines to transfer the image to the board.

 Now my image is on the wood to help guide my placement of the caps. 

  After separating the caps by color into cups, I had fun playing around with the placement of the colors. This looks like we’re going in the right direction. Old Lilly is pretty curious about all the goings on up there.

 I took it outside and began to hammer. Do you know what happens to anything on the board you are nailing into? Everything begins to do a little jig. 

 And wiggle… 

 and fall off the table! Dang. So much for trying to be organized. 

 Thank goodness my momma came to town and joyfully reorganized my caps into color groups. 

 I just started hammering away. Most of the time I hit the nail, other times my finger. Ouch! 

 Im thinking all the pain was worth it! TaDa! My little fishy isn’t any where near as professional as The Moore Family’s, but…. 

 in the bedroom of a teenage boy? It’s just perfect.

Thanks for dropping by! 

 P.S. Just trying to keep things real around here…my teenager does not make his bed. 

P.S.S. No, he doesn’t have a headboard to his bed. This will be another project for another day. I have my priorities people…Fish First!

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