Three Doors and an Estate Sale

  It was a rainy Friday, when my friend Susan called to say I needed to get on over to Woodruff for an estate sale. She saw some doors I might like. I forget what I was doing at the time, but I know I dropped it all, threw some tarps in the back of my car and headed out. 
 This was not an ordinary estate sale, where the homeowners have passed away and the entire contents house is up for sale. This sale was at the home of an auctioneer. He had 40 foot containers filled with stuff, barns filled with stuff and a yard filled with stuff. 

 It was raining. It was muddy. And it was so much fun! 

 He had buckets of baseball bats for less than a dollar a piece.

 He had wrought iron plant stands, $10 a piece. I thought they would look great in my yard, but then I remembered that I’ve been killing plants lately. They stayed.

 He had 50 lb burlap coffee bags. I took home five of these babies!

 Seahorses anyone? Susan, these would look great with a glass top on them! (Her husband, Sandy, bought them for her….$10!!!  So sweet.) 

 I picked out two tablecloths and some lace that I thought I could sew into some bags. 

 Don’t ask me why, but I bought all of those yard sticks for $3! What will I do with them, you ask? I have no idea. 

 And my biggest find of the day were hundred year old doors for $5 a piece! I know…Crazy! So for less than $50 I came home with some fun and interesting stuff. 

 These are the three doors in the sunshine. Aren’t they beautiful? After doing some measuring, I will only need two of the three. I’m sure I will find a fun use for the third.

 I had to have this one, just for the lock. 

 I wonder what the family hung on this nail. A night shirt? A dress? Maybe a hat? 

 I loved the distressed white paint on this beauty. 

 But when I turned her around…Wowza! Check out the lock! And the two colors of paint! Inside the panels is a yellow color and the framework is red. On top of that is some flaking grey paint. I love it! I don’t want to change a thing.

I brushed the dirt off, did some light sanding and sealed them with polyurethane. (I would have just thrown them in Thomas’ room, but being a good mother, I decided I didn’t want him dying from the flaking lead paint drifting into his lungs as he slept.) 

 So here they are friends! I think they look fantastic as his headboard. I turned them upside down so the locks would be visible. Thomas wanted his bed in the corner to give him more floor space, but the commercial headboard I originally bought would not fit in this space. Well, I do believe this is a much better solution. 

(No, his comforter is not purple, although it looks that way in the picture. It is a navy blue. Just thought I’d clear that up.)

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Everyone is Creative

  Are you one of those people who thinks they don’t have a creative bone in their body? Guess what! You were created in the image of God. And if you’ve looked around lately, you can’t help but marvel at God’s creativity…the colors of the sunset or rainbow, the millions of different types of flowers and birds and most importantly the uniqueness of every single human. 

So, yes dear, You are creative too! 

I’ve written before about bible journaling here. Drawing and doodling in my bible may seem crazy, but for me, I am become immersed in the verses. I end up repeating the verse over and over as I am drawing, I think about what it means to me and I usually end up praying about it. I’m a visual person, so drawing and coloring bring scripture to life.

Where do you start? Well, Illustrated Faith is a perfect place to begin. Not only do they have process videos and inspiration, you can buy your supplies here too.  

 You think you can’t draw? Well then, here are some stickers for you!  

 I used them here. 

 and here. Sure I put in some squiggles, used my own handwriting and colored it in, but both of these pages used stickers as the main focus. 

Do you notice the smudges in the photo above? Yea me too. I did not use the right kind of pen. I used just a ball point pen, which did not dry completely as I was erasing pencil marks. 

Tip: Use Illustrated Faith’s black micro pen. It goes on nice and dark, doesn’t bleed like a sharpy and dries quickly. This is nice for an impatient person like me. 

  Oh goodness! Check out a few of the paper tapes they sell. I love! 
 Lettering can hard. Placement, size and font can get tricky. So how’s this idea…tear off a piece of tape then doodle all around it! Easy Peasy! 

(Hmmm…looks like I drew my butterfly upside down. I wasn’t really thinking of a butterfly when I did it, just swirls and hearts.)  

 Illustarted Faith has stamp sets that correspond to different devotion sets. The stamps will have words, doodles and pictures…again no drawing!  

 Join the IF Facebook group and be inspired by other bible journalists.  The artist above, Kitty Kizziar, really caught my eye. I love her use of colors and doodling style.

   Every page is different. I liked this page so much… 

 I wanted to do it myself.  

 Remember Friend…you were created in Gods image. You are creative. 

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