A Few of My Favorite Things in Italy


 We celebrated Christmas in Italy. I promise not to show you all 2,476 pictures that we took, but I do want to share with you some highlights of the vacation.
 We landed in Rome on Christmas Day. This is the seven of us crammed in a small van along with all of our luggage. The poor taxi driver thought we said six people, then we all started piling in. Oh well. 

 We rented two apartments on this street, just a few blocks from the Piazza Navona. 

 Our apartments were on the third floor. 

 Which means there are a lot of stairs. 

 There aren’t any elevators. 

 So be mindful of the size suitcase you bring. Luckily for Nanny, Superman’s momma in the tan coat, she has two strong grandsons to carry her luggage, which, by the way, was large enough to carry a whole family of circus clowns. 

  Having apartments allowed us to eat meals at “home”. Just outside the building were several bakeries, butchers and cheese shops.  

 Day or night, the Piazza Navona was a fun place to be. Whether it was the carousel, games of luck…  

 Or street performers and pushy men selling things that went splat, zing, lit up, or was the latest fashion accessory.

We toured the great sites of Rome, which blew my mind,  but it was the wandering that relaxing and fun.

 Shopping for shoes. 

  Discovering the varied architecture around each corner.

Drinking from an ancient artician well. 

  It was watching through a shop window, a craftsman restore antiques. 


Trying on hats at the local market. 

 Renting a bike. 

 Stopping and listening to beautiful music. 

 Dancing! I think this accordion player liked the blonde bella signorina.

 Finding an outside cafe mid afternoon for a cheese and meat plate and a glass of wine. 

 Sampling different truffle spreads. 

 We tried some new things. Thomas had never really had coffee, so no place like Italy to get the boy hooked! 

 Mary Claire was not a fan of limoncello. 

 We discovered the whispering wall. Supposedly, you could whisper a message to someone down the way and they would hear it. It was fun to try. 

 After searching for a recommended restaurant one evening, and discovering it was no longer there, we stumbled upon a fabulous kosher eatery nearby in the Jewish neighborhood.  

 Walking on average 10 miles a day… 

 Gelato was always a great pick me up! 

 And dessert to end another perfect day. 

 Didnt see any gladiators that looked like this at the coliseum,  

 but I saw this amazing landmark with this fab group.

Just a few of my favorite things. Thanks for dropping by!



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