The Mystery of the Frozen Felt

Chapter 1

It was a cold winter day. A few days before, the snow had fallen laying a beautiful white blanket on the yard. As Mary walked to the mailbox, the ground crunching beneath her feet, her dog, Sam, began to bark excitedly. Knowing that her dog’s excitement could be anything from a leaf blowing in the wind or a little critter scampering under a bush, Mary got her mail from the box and then called out to Sam “Ok girl. Show me what you found.” 

Chapter 2

The closer Mary got to the commotion, the more curious she got about what could be causing her dog to be so crazy. “Goodness gracious old girl! This must be something pretty exciting! What is it?” Sam spun around a few times, then found her courage to lean in to sniff the ice covered package in the empty flower pot.  

  Mary pulled the frozen bag from the pot and shook the ice off the bag to discover three yards of brightly colored felt. “Hmmm I wonder who left this here?”

Chapter 3

Inside the warm house and a hot cup of tea in her hand, Mary rummaged through the bag for more clues.  

 Aha! A clue! Mary put her sleuthing skills to work. This piece of water spotted paper was found within the bag. It’s a list of materials needed at the local Joann’s Fabric and Craft store. But how did it get in Mary’s flower pot? When did the suspect drop it off? What is suppose to be made with these items? Upon closer inspection, Mary discovers some detailed clues…”beads for the _____ flower” and broche pin for flower”. There is EVEN a name AND an address at the bottom of the paper. WHA-what!?! This must mean something!

Chapter 4

Feeling like the famous Nancy Drew, Mary put on her thinking cap, pulled out her trusty IPad and began to take a few pictures. She knew she was going to need a bit of help with this mystery. Immediately, she posted pictures of the bag of felt and the clue-filled note on Facebook. She waited….

Chapter 5

Just like in the books she read as a young girl, where  Nancy had a pal, Bess, who helped her with solving the mysteries, Mary, too has a pal…Angie! Mary knew she’d be the one with the answers.  


sent me this message. Woo Hoo! Mystery solved! IT IS LESLIE IN THE CONSERVATORY WITH A CANDLESTICK! (For all of you babies out there, that is from an old board game called Clue.  The object of the game is to determine who was the murderer, in what room did it occur and with which object did he or she use. Every kid in the 1970’s played it.)

Angie contacted Leslie. Leslie had no idea what it was all about. Dang. Onto Plan B.

Hmmm Bess, uh I mean, Angie suggested I ask my neighbors. Great idea Ang!

Chapter 6

I texted my next door neighbor Lisa. Her son is getting married soon, so I thought she could possibly be doing some crafty stuff for that. 

 Mary walked to her next door neighbor’s house and put the bag of felt on Lisa’s front porch. The detective waited. 

 UGH! And no, the person who left it has not been back. Mary will NOT give up! She is going to post the picture again on Facebook in hopes that someone will recognize the package. Drawing on the skills of Nancy Drew, Mary will ask her friend Angie to contact Leslie again. Leslie is the big glaring clue in all of this. 

Stay tuned all of you sleuths out there! The mystery continues! 



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