It Was A Craft Emergency

I had a craft emergency yesterday. It’s a sickness really. I start dreaming of ideas. I read craft magazines, watch sewing shows and consume myself with the next project. The idea takes over my brain. I don’t think of anything else. My body starts to twitch. I give myself a headache. I start researching sources…Etsy, Craftsy, online stores. I need a hit of fabric! 

It’s been almost three weeks since the surgery, seems like three months. Honestly, I think I’ve been the ideal patient. I put very little weight on it the first week, then a little more as time has gone on. Just like the doctor said to do.
I’ve become one with the boot. (Ok, so I don’t have the shield on, but I do have the boot on.) Every step I take is with the boot. I slept with the boot on. As you can see, I even decorated my boot.

Here is a pile of my left foot shoes, no right ones.

Here is the shower cover I wear to keep my foot dry. Now, this thing is suppose to fit over my boot. Some how, my big ol snowboard-like boot is suppose to fit in that little hole. I realize that the gasket stretches, but in order to fit the boot, I’m afraid the rubber will tear. So I slip just my foot in and SIT on a shower seat. Still, no standing on my foot. I’m sitting.

You see?!? I’m a great patient! Unless you ask Superman. 

The last thing the doctor told us as we were leaving the surgical center was “Do NOT take off the bandage!” When we got home, I went straight to the bedroom to fall into bed. The first thing  I wanted to do was get into some pajamas. Superman left the room. (I’m thinking this is where the problem started.) In my post surgical drugged state, I felt like I needed to take my boot off to get my pjs on. I kinda didn’t realize that I had to undo a second set of Velcro straps, so as I pulled my foot out the dressing came off too! The second that happened, Superman walks in and sees me with the bandage in my hand. Needless to say he flipped! (I’m just sayin that if he hadn’t left me to my own devices, the dressing probably wouldn’t have come off.) From then on, the bandage never held fast. It would slip and swivel around my foot. Every once in a while I just had to have a peek at the stitches. (You would want to peek too!) But I always put the dressing right back on.

Fast forward to my follow up appointment with the doctor and the nurse is carefully cutting the bandage off. I tell her that there’s no need to be so careful, just pull it off. She shockingly asks me if it had come off? Superman jumps in to tell her about what I did just moments after getting home. The nurse can’t believe what she is hearing! “We will have to tell the doctor!” I immediately give Superman the stink eye for throwing me under the bus. 

Let’s just say that the doctor gave me rave reviews! My foot was exactly what he hoped it would look like.😝

So here we are at 2 1/2 weeks and I am feeling great! I have no pain, just a little discomfort at the end of the day. In fact, there have been times when I’ve been sitting in my chair with my boot off (which was ok’d by my PT), and I needed a drink or to go to the potty real quick like. Do I take the time to strap the boot back on? Nay, I just walked very very carefully. No biggie. When I’ve done a bit too much, I listen to my body and throw my foot up with some ice on it. 

In all this time, I have had to depend on others to drive me around. I’m really blessed to have so many friends and family that have graciously helped me. 

As you can see, I’ve been the model patient. (Ok, a pretty good patient.)

Then yesterday happened. I’ve been watching The Great British Sewing Bee and I just had to make myself a shirt. I HAD to! That afternoon Dagmar was driving me to my physical therapy session, Thomas was at school and Rick was at work. I had no way to get to Joann’s that morning.  (This was an EMERGENCY!) I’ve been using my sewing machine which requires pushing a pedal, much like the accelerator on a car….

 I thought to myself “Mar. You are doing so awesome! You are walkin and talkin. It’s early in the morning, so it’s nice and quiet around town. Why don’t you just drive yourself?” Yeah! That’s a great idea! So I hopped in my car, took off my boot and started on my way. Not 200 feet from my driveway, I see my friend Linda driving toward me with her eyes big as saucers and her fingers wagging at me. Yes, she wagged her finger at me! We pull over, she ran up to my car and asks “What in the world are you doing?!?” I’m going to Joann’s. It’s a craft emergency. And to the grocery store so I can make meatloaf.  I assured her that I was perfectly fine. 

When I was in line at Joann’s, I took this photo to send to Dagmar, my craft sister. This probably wasn’t my most brilliant idea. She texts back “Nice. How did you get there?” Oops. Needless to say, when she came to pick me up for physical therapy, she gave me a talking to. Then I get to physical therapy and Monica my PT goes into orbit when she finds out what I have done. “Craft Emergency?!?!” She then punished me with toe stretches and picking up marbles with my toes. (That should teach me!) When my toe would begin to shake or I’d experience a little discomfort she’d jokingly say “It’s because of that driving!” 

So maybe that idea I had when I was at the stoplight, that I was doing so great that I could drive an hour and a half to see my mom today probably isn’t such a good one.  I’ve learned my lesson. My boot is on. The car keys are put away. And I’m going to have an adorable new shirt! 

So folks….Do not drive with a medical boot on! 

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