The Mini Vacay that Changed It All

Mary Claire called because she had to ask me something. 

“Mom. I know this is kind of weird, but my co-worker was telling me all about how when he was growing up his house was broken into. It totally freaked me out! And Tyler is going out of town for four days starting Monday. So I was wondering if you could stay on with me for a few days when you and Dad come to visit on Sunday.”

I pondered this request for about 2.3 seconds and said “Uh Yeah!” 

It’s been quite stressful these past few months. Life had gotten hard. All I really wanted to do was to retreat and do nothing. I had lost my desire to be around people. I felt heavy leaden. Forcing myself to smile and be happy was exhausting. Depressed, maybe? Superman and I needed to get away, even if it was only for a day. Early Father’s Day morning we packed our bags and drove to Charleston.

First stop was to see the boy at work. Adam is a bell hop and shuttle driver at the Charleston Harbor Resort. The kid is working six days a week, getting paid time and a half and pulling in the tips. It isn’t cheap to live in Charleston, so we are really proud of his efforts to live on his own.

Around noon we met up with Mary Claire and Tyler to go paddle boarding on Shem Creek. Unfortunately, we were not able to go out due to high winds. They had to rescue 4 people on Friday and 3 people on Saturday who couldn’t make their way back because of the weather. We decided to walk the beach and check out Fort Moultrie. It was so relaxing walking with my toes in the sand and talking with some of my favorite people. (Actually it was painful to walk on the hard packed sand, but the company I was with helped keep my mind off the pain.)

Adam met us for nachos and a beer when he got off of work. With an uncharacteristic cool summer breeze and my peeps around me,  I was starting to feel that deep inside you joy again.

After checking out Adam’s apartment that he’s sharing with a couple of other 21 year olds, we headed to MC and T’s house for the night. 
*On a side note…I have to admit I was a little scared about visiting the young gents bachelor pad. For a while there, the 3 guys got an extra roommate. “Where will he sleep?”, I asked. “He’s going to take the laundry room.” Ohhh.k…I lived with one of the guys for 18 years and know how “well” he kept his room. I was scared. But was pleasantly surprised at how neat and tidy the apartment was and this was a surprise visit!  Way To Go Boys!

MC and T have a beautiful home that makes you feel immediately relaxed.  There’s pleasant conversation, delicious coffee and a comfortable bed. And of course, it helps having Coconut, the cat, purring and entertaining us.

Sometimes life comes at you hard and fast. I really didn’t know if I could take one. More. Thing. When I become that stressed, I find that my first instinct is to connect with God and to cancel all extra curricular activities. It reminds me of playing tennis. You play hard, then you take a needed break in between games to sit down, refresh with a sip of water and maybe get some energy from a bite of a granola bar. I had been doing life hard. I needed to sit down (foot surgery), refresh with the Word of God (bible and prayer) and become energized by the joy of friends and family.

Sunday wasn’t filled with anything very exciting. Nothing dramatic happened. But that mini vacation started the filling of my soul. 

What do you do or where do you turn when you are feeling empty, tired, stressed and depressed?

I’ll tell you tomorrow about the rest of my visit. It was SOOOO fun!

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