Take a Step in Faith

Oh Lilly. You curious little thing. Deep in your kitty heart, you want to get out of your safe, little home and adventure out, but you are scared. You’re more comfortable where you have control.  Although you have never had to worry about your next meal, you make sure you direct each piece of kibble into your bowl. 

I know, that little nest you make in the blanket comforts you, it’s safe, warm and familiar. You’ve had opportunities to experience the great outdoors and fresh air by being carried into the enclosed gazebo, but you freak out! Although you are safe inside the gazebo, your mind goes crazy with worry. “It’s different! The breeze blows my fur, Oh My!” 

You moan and groan, complain and worry about every possibility of danger. Where is your faith? When are you going to trust the one who cares and loves you the most? 

The one who provides your every need doesn’t expect you to tackle the entire world, just what you can handle his help. 

Take a step in faith. Relax in knowing that there is freedom in knowing who holds you. You don’t have to perform or even be excellent. Breathe. You will be taken care of. 

Oh Lilly.

One thought on “Take a Step in Faith

  1. Mary,
    Thank you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your feelings, your family and life with us. You are sweet, thoughtful, courageous, charitable and most importantly, a Godly example.

    I want a signed autographed copy of your first published book.

    So grateful to be your friend,

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