My New Craft Room

 Aahhhh! A new craft room….with windows! Ok. So this isn’t my craft room. It belongs to dwndestiny on flicker. But isn’t it devine? It’s neat, open, light filled and real. Many of the rooms  I’ve seen look like they’ve been photoshopped, cropped and not a glue gun in sight. Not what I call real life.This is my actual craft room. OMG! What the heck! It looks extra special today because I had to pull stuff out of the closet and move tables around in order for the exterminator to get into the attic spaces to set traps for the little critters living up there. 

It doesn’t always look this bad. (Now I can’t actually find a picture to prove otherwise, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. 😁) I am joyously moving my space from the upstairs, windowless room to here in the basement. It has always been a possibility, but knowing how messy I get when in my creative mode, there was no way I could move into this room with no doors. I knew that “as is” this room would never work. The room from which I am taking this picture is where I have women over every Wednesday night for bible study. I’m thinking it would be 1. Embarrassing for them to see it in its usual creative state and 2. Distracting for anyone. The problem has been the arch of the doorway. Pretty as it is, to close it requires completely re-doing the framing to make it square or some out of the box thinking. 

My desire for windows has overcome any excuses. The solution took some research, but I got it!Remodelholic gave me the perfect idea…Barn Doors!Today Kevin is installing beautiful sliding doors. I’ll be able to create in sunshine, then roll those doors closed when I’m done for the day. 

I can’t tell you how excited I am for this change. Check this out!TaDa!! Aren’t they just to die for?This is looking them from inside of the room. BEAUTIFUL! I love the black hardware on the cream doors. Maybe one day I’ll get some cool looking handles, but for now I’m in love just the way they are.

I am so excited Friends! I can’t wait to show you all the crazy things I’ve got planned for this room. Thanks Kevin for doing such a great job! 

And thanks to you for dropping by

There’s a Critter in Dem Walls

I was fast asleep when I heard the chchchch coming from my wall. I rolled over to try to figure out what the sound was and where it was coming from. Lilly even had her little kitty ears twitching away at the noise in the wall.I knew it was a rat, not this kind all cute and adorable…But this kind! There in the middle of the night, a huge wild rat was in my wall eating electrical wires, bringing disease and multiplying by the minute. I HAD to do something! 

So I jumped out of bed and started pounding on the wall while screaming for it to GET OUT! 

Superman,(who has slept through three crying babies, dogs barking in the bedroom and house alarms), sits up and says “Damn woman! What are you doing?!?” 

“There is a huge rat in the wall and I’m taking care of it.” He groaned and rolled back over.

Time passes and I’m in my craftroom just creating up a storm when I hear “thumpty thump thump thump”. He’s back!This time he sounds much louder, like maybe the size of a squirrel. I know, I hear you saying “Mary, this little fella looks so cute!” Yeah maybe. But I think he was there to tease me. My craftroom has an attic space along one of the walls, so I would hear him run along the side of the room from one end to the other, just laughing the entire time. Yes, he was laughing in his little squirrel laugh. It’s that same tone he uses when he and his friends tease Sam outside the kitchen window. Sam is throwing herself against the window and they just look at her. Then when I let her outside, they allow Sam to get just close enough, when they run up a tree laughing and laughing. This thumping and dancing going on in my wall continues.We put out big ol’ traps. We throw out blocks of rat bait. Nothing.

THEN I start to hear even louder thumping. I swear this guy is wearing Air Jordans. I know he is HUGE!  I send my guys in there to crawl around to look for him or his nest. Nothing.This past week, the exterminator came by to do a termite inspection. I asked him to do a possum inspection while he was at it. As he was climbing the ladder to the upper attic, he says “Yup. You’ve got a mouse. He’s taking insulation for his nest and bringing in acorns to eat.”A mouse? No, sorry, but I think it’s a possum. He says “No m’am just a small mouse. I can tell by his poop.” Seriously? Just an itty bitty mouse? Yep. We go into another storage space and see the little snugly spot he’s made between some old bed linens and pillows. (Looks like old Mar needs some large trash bags.)Johnny the exterminator, ducked through the troll door in my craft closet and put out some little baby traps.I swear I don’t think that little black trap on the right will be able to catch the 10 pound possum that I imagine is in there messing with me. But if it is only a little field mouse I guess that will do.Yeah, I see you laughing at me.

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