Seven State High Point Road Trip, part 3

This seven state high point road trip continues. We began four days ago in Vermont, where we climbed Mt. Mansfield. Then jumped in the car and drove to Lake Placid, New York. Superman climbed the 3500 ft to Mt. Marcy. Day 3 we checked off High Point, New Jersey and Ebright Azimuth in Delaware. Day 4 was spent touring Washington D.C.

The first stop for the 5th day of our adventure was Seneca Rocks, West Virginia! A drive up to the parking lot led to a short walk with a beautiful view and this pretty awesome cairn.Back in the car and an hour drive, took us to Backbone Mountain in Maryland. Getting to each of our points was a joy. We rode through so many small towns , which made the long hours on the road pleasurable.Superman signed the registry of High Pointers after we hiked to the Maryland high point, Hoye-Crest on Backbone Mountain.To get to the seventh and final high point, we had the pleasure of driving through Pennsylvania Amish country. I can’t begin to tell you how beautiful this part of the country is. Fields of corn, herds of cows and sheep dotted the landscape.There is something so peaceful and quiet here.

Although we know that the Amish are against getting their picture taken, we couldn’t help ourselves. This area of the country is so beautiful and the people so unique.

We slowed as two little boys, maybe 3 and 5 years old, in their straw hats, black jackets and suspenders holding hands crossed the road. The smallest one’s hat blew off his head. The “big” guy took him safely to the other side, then ran back for the hat, putting it back on the little one’s head. Both boys had the biggest, sweetest smiles. We waved and they waved back. It would have been the most precious picture, I actually had my act together to take one.

Then we passed a young Amish man on his horse drawn tractor plowing the earth. Superman and I both commented on how cool that was. Did I snap a pic? Nope! I just couldn’t fumble my way quick enough.

We passed several horse drawn buggies and as we would approach to pass, Superman would say “Get Ready! Roll down your window!” I’d spaz out, grab my phone….we’d get closer…I try to remember my passcode…closer…I’d remember I can just swipe right….or is it left?…gone. Superman: “Did you get it?” Uh no. I bet we did this like three times. The last attempt had me fussing at him to slow down so I could get ready. BAM! Got it!

Superman looked at it and said “You didn’t get the horse!”

Hello. That was as good as it was going to get.

So here we are at the seventh, the last, the final high point of this adventure, Mt. Davis in Pennsylvania. A 200 ft fire tower stood at the spot, so Superman had to climb it. It looked pretty sketchy to me, but I didn’t want to lose face, so I climbed it too.

Whew! We did it. Not too tough. Again Superman has led me on a fun adventure. I’m so blessed to be his sidekick.

Thanks for dropping by!

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