Pre-Show Spaz Out

Dagmar and I are two days away from another craft show. We’ve done this before several times, but funny enough I still get all spazzed out the week before.Here I am a few nights ago with my crochet needle flying through the yarn, only to run out of pink yarn. Seriously?!? She only needs one more leg! The next day I ran to Joann’s for more yarn, which by the way, irritates me to have to buy a whole skein for one little leg. Guess what?!? They are out of the pink! Ugh. What to do, what to do….Because this rabbit MUST be ready by Saturday, I buy cream yarn. I figure I could pull out one of the pink ears and use that yarn for the missing leg and use the cream yarn for the ears.

I spent a few hours pulling out perfectly good ears, crocheting more body parts, stuffing and sewing together.And this is what I ended up with. Needless to say I am not really happy. Her head looks a bit too big and the ears just aren’t what I had hoped for. So my question is…do I keep her as is and put her in the show? Or Off With Her Head! And redo the head and ears with the pink yarn when it becomes available? These are the rest of her friends whom are ready for the show! Heads are proportionate, ears are matching and looking Oh So Cute!For some reason, I don’t know why 😉, but this soon-to-be Mimi has baby on the brain. So I am going to have a whole bunch of baby items at the show. My Director of Product Development, Angie and I were very busy cutting and sewing bibs, burp cloths and pacie holders. This is just a sampling of the cuteness.A crowd favorite, my lovies are ready for the next baby shower.The girls are making another appearance. They are all dressed up and waiting to be loved!Baby items won’t be the only things available, of course I have items for the women too!Here are a few from my new collection. (Hee hee…that sounds like I know what I’m doing.) What I wanted to show you was the embroidery I did on some of these zippered bags. I had this need to do some hand stitching, so I kind of jazzed up these babies.I’ve actually had a few people request card holders. These sweeties will keep your purse organized with all those floating gift cards, credit cards and loyalty cards in one place.I sewed a few more tote bags. Don’t you love this fabric?This bag is one of my favorites. I use this same style all of the time to carry my bible and study materials, or craft project of the day or I fill it with books, snacks and water bottle. It’s the perfect size.Here is the same bag in a different fabric. I incorporated my piecing obsession into the look.Here is my house in all its glory…clothes scattered about, blankets left rumpled on the couch, and my favorite…the fur bunnies floating everywhere. Anyway, the point of this pic is to show you the coat rack I found at Hobby Lobby. I needed another coat rack for display purposes at the craft show. I thought surely, Walmart would have a cheap one. Oh no. After excruciatingly, painfully having to deal with the Walmart experience, they indeed do not carry coat racks, according to Nancy, the one employee in that entire place who actually likes her job.

Coat racks are a great space saver in a craft show. You can display so many hangable items in a small space. This show will be held inside, so I wasn’t going to have the ability to hang things like I can when we are outside with our tent. I thought I could make a coat rack. Of course I could! But being days before show time, did I really have the time? Go to Walmart. That was a bust. I went to Big Lots, no go. Then I decided to take a quick loop around Hobby Lobby. Who doesn’t like to loop around HB? OMG! They have so much cuteness! As I turned the corner of the aisle, the heavens opened up, the angels sang and here was my coat rack! I grabbed that baby, slug her over my shoulder and headed to check out.

I find my heart quickening when I think about Saturday. I have to take deep breaths and say to myself that all will be ok. I remind myself that I am not creating world peace. I’m just selling things that I make in order to help someone who is helping someone else. All of the money I make from this show is going to help non-profit organizations that serve, encourage and nourish those in need.

Come see Dagmar’s Crafty Creations and Merry Mary Studios this Saturday, March 9 from 10-2 at Holy Communion Lutheran Church on Reidville Road in Spartanburg!

8 thoughts on “Pre-Show Spaz Out

  1. Mary, you are so talented! Love, love your things! The bunny is JUST adorable as is! I wouldn’t change a thing! Love the ears!
    Hope Saturday goes well!

  2. LOVE the Bunny with her cream ears! She is beautiful! I would love to have a card carrier. I won’t be in town this weekend, so can you set one aside for me?


  3. Mary,
    You make such beautiful items. I see your handiwork as my granddaughters carry your bags and hug on your sweet dolls. I cherish all the things I have purchased for myself. To think that you create and sell to provide for those in need reflects your thoughtful and generous spirit. Many blessings on Saturday.

  4. She is absolutely perfect! We are all unique and have our differences and that makes her special!!! Please let me know if you still have her!

    • You are so right! All she really needed was to be dressed properly. I’ve added bows to her ears and a cute crocheted bow on her neck. She’s adorable!

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