Welcome to the World Everett Wade!

It was only a few weeks ago, that the ladies in Mary Claire’s office gave her a beautiful baby shower. I stayed a few extra days to help Mary Claire and Tyler finish a few things before the baby was born. Then only a week later, at about 9:30 Saturday night, Tyler called to say they were headed to the hospital! Well, by golly, Superman and I hopped in the car and drove the 200 miles to the hospital in record time. At 5:45 am Everett Wade was born, weighing in at 7 lbs 9 oz! Oh My Goodness….Superman’s mom/Vera/Mary Claire’s grandmother/Nanny/Rhett’s Great Grandmother and Rhett’s Uncle Thomas had driven the three hours as soon as Thomas got off work that night. In this hospital, as soon as the baby is born, he spends two hours laying on his momma’s chest for skin on skin time. It was a long night for everyone. Tyler took advantage of the few minutes that we were visiting to catch a quick nap.Rhett’s Uncle Adam and Elizabeth were able to meet him the next day. Being so healthy, the hospital planned to release Mommy and Rhett 24 hours later. Superman or who is now known as Papa, and I offered to pick a few things up for their arrival home. Not knowing the gender of the baby until he born, Papa and MiMi decided we needed to head to Target. Becoming a grandparent is quite life changing, to say the least. Superman-Papa had n.e.v.e.r. stepped foot in a children’s clothing department for any of our three children, BUT NOW THAT RHETT IS BORN….. Papa was too cute!After picking out a few super cute boy outfits, Papa stated that the boy needed a truck. And his first truck needed to come from his Papa. So off we went to the cars and trucks aisle!We don’t really care that he won’t be able to play with it for a while. The important thing is that Rhett has a truck picked out by his Papa.When Mary Claire was born 26 years ago, Superman had a HUMONGOUS pink ribbon bow made, that he put on the mailbox for all to see. I remember how special that made me feel when we came home from the hospital. I wanted that same feeling for MC and Tyler, so we found a Party City store and bought a bouquet of balloons and a personalized banner.Welcome Home Rhett! This new family of three came home to a festive sight, homemade chicken pot pie, and a house filled with love. Everett Wade we have been excitedly waiting for your arrival. You are perfect in every way. We thank God for bringing you to this big family filled with great grand parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and most importantly a God loving Mommy and Daddy. There are so many fun and happy adventures ahead for you. Your MiMi CAN’T WAIT to share in these moments with you!

You are loved, sweet boy!

Friends, thank you for letting me share this amazing new season of life with you. I’m absolutely positive there are going to be more joy filled moments that will happen in this ordinary, imperfect life.