It’s called the Love Shack

In my last post, I shared with you the overall renovation of the old farm house. When Superman and I met Shane at the house for the first time, we were kind of wondering if this could be a place where we could live for a year or so while we sold our house and built a new one. Superman had not been in the farmhouse for over 10 years, so he was in for a big surprise! As we walked from one stained, spidery room to the next, I jokingly kept calling this little 800 square foot home our little Love Shack.

Well, as it turns out, this really is a Love Shack! You see, way back in the 1950’s when Harry was courtin Becky (second marriage for both of Superman’s grandparents), Harry wanted Becky to marry him and move in to his house. Becky said only if he would add an indoor bathroom and a proper kitchen. By golly, old Harry was in love, so he went to building on these new fangled additions. This would explain why there was a window in the t.v. room. This was originally an exterior wall. Shane said that when he crawled up in the attic, he saw where the exterior and the new kitchen wall joined.This also explains this funny window on the back porch.I always wondered what was going on here. Well, this porch extended the length of the back of Harry’s house before Becky. He closed off part of the porch to add his sweetheart’s bathroom. Becky was no fool. No outhouses for her!Yes, Shane did a beautiful job on the house, but Superman didn’t want to pay what it would cost to paint the kitchen cabinets. So I was lucky enough to take this on.The cabinets were just plain scary. Years and years of grime, spiders, goo and some other yucky stuff.Superman and I took every cabinet door down, every drawer out and took all the hardware off.There is no dovetail joinery going on here. Just good old saw ’em and nail ’em.One of the drawers had a sheet of linoleum tile for the bottom. (It stays.)We took all of the hardware off and gave it a good scrub and a coat of black spray paint. Then all of the cabinet fronts and drawers were lined up for a bath, sanding and a coat of white paint. Again it is just amazing how a fresh coat of paint can change everything.As the paint dried, I emptied the cabinets and found a few treasures, like these enamelware baking pans. There were Jadite bowls, 1960’s salt and pepper shakers from Florida, vintage glassware and the typical Corning Ware, casserole dishes and pots and pans.Let’s not forget the plastic fruit basket and ceramic rooster, both of which will still have a home here. I fell madly in love with this wallpaper that Becky lined her drawers with. I kept the cleanest piece and want to frame it.Now I had to get down to the really dirty part, peeling the old shelf liner. This stuff was stuck on good. What made it even more “fun” was the position I had to put my body in, in order to reach all the places.After scrubbing some more and sanding down, another fresh coat of white paint went up. Ahhhh….I added some cheerful Pioneer Woman drawer liner, that I found at Walmart. I love that it doesn’t have the sticky back, so when the time comes to remove it, it should come up like a charm.Angie came over and helped me put it all back together again. Whew! What a job!For some reason this fabric spoke to me for the Love Shack, so I bought it and have made curtains in the kitchen and started a quilt for the bedroom. The house is so small that I think it would be best to keep everything somewhat coordinated, without being too matchy matchy. I’d love to create a happy, welcoming feeling mixing both the history of the house with a bit of current pieces. I have lots of projects swirling around in my head, we’ll see what comes to fruition.

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time…

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