Bunnies on Roller Skates

When I found out I was going to be a grandmother, you know the first thing I had to do was buy fabric for a baby’s quilt! Mary Claire and Tyler decided to not find out the sex of the baby until he or she was born. Superman and I didn’t find out with any of our three children, so on one hand, I was completely on board. But on the other hand, trying to pick out fabric for the baby’s quilt gave a small challenge. (And as we all know, the whole grand baby thing is ALL about me.😁)

But this was a challenge I gladly took on. I perused every fabric store and website, looking for the perfect gender neutral fabrics. Mary Claire had mentioned that she was kinda going to go with a pond theme. She was thinking pond, but not necessarily forest. And look what I found! Ducks on a pond with butterflies and frogs! I mean, come on….ducks, puppies, and piggies! Cheese n’ crackers and cherries! Bunnies on roller skates!!!! They are all soooo adorable!The next step was to decide on a pattern. Mary Claire had said something about polka dots, so I picked out a couple of dot patterns for her to choose from. She liked the middle pattern, because she felt like it would show off the fabric better. Okie dokie!I cut and sewed lots and lots of circles. My brother, David and my mom helped me turn the circles inside out and my sister, Jane did the pressing. Oh goodness, I was ready to go down dotty way, then something just told me to go in a different direction. It’s funny how just one itty bitty thing can change your mind. Luckily for me, I had enough fabric to change the pattern. With my sister’s dog, Kobe’s help, I cut and sewed lots of these diamond shaped blocks. Jane’s dog, Jesse supervised in the fabric placement. I kept the actual quilt top stitching to a simple grid. And for the binding I found a yellow fabric to pull it all together.I love the back! The ducks are just the sweetest! I didn’t have enough length, so I added the green dots to the top and bottom, which worked perfectly.Because this was a super special quilt, I had to add a little something special. I hand stitched this message to my grand baby.

You are a child of God. You are wonderfully made,

dearly loved and precious in His sight. Before you

were made, He knew you…There is no one like you!”

About a month ago, my dear friends gave Mary Claire a baby shower.I was finally able to give the quilt to Mary Claire. It now waits in the nursery, with some soft friends, on the arrival of Baby Andrews.My prayer is that when this precious baby wraps up in this blanket, he or she will know, without a doubt, how much it is loved.

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A No Yellow Quilt

After seeing his brother’s quilt that I had made, he wanted one too. Thomas wanted fish to be his focus.Finding fish fabric that isn’t childlike or doesn’t look like it came out of a hunting and fishing magazine is tough. But I felt like I lucked out when I visited Five Eighth Seams in Charleston. One of the gals there helped me pick out these four fabrics for the quilt. I showed Thomas, it he didn’t like the yellow. Bummer, I thought. Well maybe if he saw it all together, he’d see how the yellow will help make the quilt “pop”. I decided on a large hexagon shape. I cut 200 half hexies in order to avoid sewing “Y” seams. I played around with the color placement. I realized that with only the four original fabrics, it was not going to work, so I bought the solid green. Thomas still didn’t like the yellow.

Aargh! Ok. Maybe that was too much yellow. What if there were only a few spots of it? Well, if I take out even a few yellow hexagons, I’ll need to replace it with another fabric. So I bought some fabric that looked like it had fish scales on it. This is it. I started sewing row after row, each half hexie to the next. Thomas came home one afternoon as I was working on the quilt. I was about half way through sewing the rows, when he kindly said “Mom, I love everything about this quilt, except the yellow.”

Ok. Ok. I accept it. No yellow. I grabbed my seam ripper and took out all the yellow. These two of course wanted to help. Unfortunately, Sam’s happy tail knocked the bottom two rows off the wall. After sewing each of the rows together, I knew it wouldn’t be long enough, so had to sew more half hexies together to make .I had lots of encouragement to continue on.When it came time to pin the layers together, Coconut was there to supervise.For the backing fabric, I used this bass fish. If you look closely, you can see the bass with his mouth wide open.I chose to do an easy, straight line quilting. I just went from one corner to the next. Easy Peasy.Here is the front….And here is the back! All Thomas approved. And not a spot of yellow in sight.Thanks for dropping by!