Real Beauty

20140425-091601.jpgDove Ad Parody: Men you aren’t as beautiful as you think you are
I hope you were able to see the humor in this. I cracked up at the end, when the men are shown the sketches.

20140425-092243.jpgDove Real Beauty Sketches Here is the original video for women. I so get it. I see myself so differently than others see me. Why do men not have the same body issues that we have?

I am so self-conscious of my fat thighs and big boobs. I’ve always had them and always will. I see friends with straighter bodies that I envy. Then one day,I was talking with one of my thinner friends who complained about her no-curve body and how she wished she had my curves. I’m thinking “Are you kidding me?!?”

20140425-092946.jpgMy daughter was gifted with beautiful curly hair. Me? Stick straight, no body, lifeless. I covet her hair. And when she went through a stage of actually straightening hers, I would sit there with my mouth open wondering why!

I guess we all want what we don’t have.

20140425-093913.jpgDove Real Beauty “Patches”I get the criticism, how can these women be so gullible? But honestly? The majority of my days have me feeling ugly about myself. The point of the video is to remind us, women, that we are beautiful! We have to throw away that tape that continuously runs in our brain that tells us otherwise.

On the way home from the cruise we took recently, a friend commented that she was so glad to be able to go back to not caring about what she was wearing. We were surrounded by new friends and faces, eating fancy meals and hanging out in our bathing suits. Oh geez. That can certainly cause a little stress. Here she was having moments of anxiety about her looks and what she was wearing, when the entire time I only saw her beautiful, smiling face and felt the joy emanate from her. I can’t tell you what she wore, only that her presence made me feel good. Why do we agonize over what we look like?

20140425-095043.jpgMy 84 year old mother has body issues! My sister, Annie, here in the picture with us, has a daughter who will be getting married in May. To prepare for the big event, another sister and I are helping Mom with her outfits for that weekend. Lawd Have Mercy! I understand my mom’s concerns, because I have issues too, but dang! Do we ever get to a place where we just accept who we are and love ourselves?

I thought that I would test myself by asking myself whether or not I judged others by what they looked like. When I found myself laughing and enjoying the friendship or conversation I was having, I really looked at the person’s body. Was I enjoying myself because this woman was skinny? I was glad to notice that, no, I was smiling because of this woman’s inner beauty, her sense of humor, her kindness, or her selfless attention to others made her shine.

20140425-100913.jpgWhen I see this picture, I am immediately drawn to the bottom photo. Why? Because they are real and look healthy and beautiful to me. I am one of those women. And so are you. God created each and every one of us in His image. He calls us good and that’s good enough for me.

Just a Peaceful Sunday Afternoon

When you want to hang out with the guys, you’ve got to do guy stuff. So off to the farm we go.

20140127-164031.jpgSam is ready!

20140127-164054.jpgGrab some lunch on the way. I love Cook Out! Its a Christian organization that has the courage to play Christian music in the restaurant. On their cups John 3:16 is printed. think that’s cool.

20140127-164238.jpgSuperman and I are going to be getting our Concealed Weapons Permit next weekend, so he thought it would be a good idea for me to practice before I went.

20140127-164410.jpgIf you’re going to shoot, then you have to load up the magazine. I had to figure out which way “da boolits” went in. The guys got me tickled.

20140127-164637.jpgOf course there always has to be some bet going on…who can hit their target the best out of ten shots. The guys started getting all cocky when I said I’d do it too! Here’s Thomas “showing” me how to do it.

20140129-084141.jpgUh, yea right! who hit 9 out of 10?? uh huh…Big Momma! Woop Woop! You go girl! ….doin’ my dance thang. The guys said that it didn’t count. (????) We have to do another round. (????) I guess they just can’t handle this girl’s ninja shooting skills.

20140129-084739.jpgWhile the guys licked their wounds, I decided to take a little walk with Sam.

20140129-084831.jpgI’m really not a big gun fan, but I also don’t want to be known as a fussy, wimpy girl either. As the guys loaded and blew stuff up, I looked for beauty in the small stuff, like these seed pods.

20140129-085515.jpgThe curling of this tree bark….

20140129-085551.jpgThese orange berries against the grey winter landscape…

20140129-085611.jpgthe sound of the water in the stream…

20140129-085635.jpgthis old fence line that used to keep Poppy’s cows in his field

20140129-085651.jpgthe half frozen pond.


20140129-085757.jpgSam didn’t mind. I love her excitement at being at the farm. I wonder what her brain is doing as she smells every blade of grass…

20140129-085920.jpgAnd she digs furiously in some critter hole.

20140129-090048.jpgOops…I slid down an embankment. All good.

20140129-090259.jpgAlright, enough of the pretty stuff. Time to get back to showing the guys what’s up.

20140129-090355.jpgWe’re on to the big gun. I have no idea what it is. All I know is that it has a huge kick And is very loud!

20140129-090528.jpgI do have to admit that the scope on this thing is pretty cool. When looking through the scope you see a green target.

20140129-090717.jpgWe blew up some old computers.


20140129-090803.jpgIs it in their genes? Guys love blowing stuff up!

20140129-090844.jpgThey shot off hundreds of rounds.

20140129-090921.jpgI got to do what I’ve wanted to do to my computer sooo many times….

20140129-090959.jpgjust beat the snot out of it! (I know you’re jealous!)

20140129-091053.jpgJust another peaceful Sunday on the farm.

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