Somebody Please Shoot me!

Since starting this blogging adventure, I’ve had several people ask where they can “find” me. At bible study one morning, my sweet friend suggested I hand out calling cards with my blog address on it. Great idea, says me! I love having a reason to craft, because I have to make them myself.

The first place any self respecting crafter goes when faced with a project is to check out Pinterest and Etsy.

Michelle Brusegaard’s sells these gems in her Etsy shop. I’m drawn to the red poppies.

These funky flowers were found at Zazzle.

My card needs to reflect who I am and what I like….and I LOVE cupcakes!

But I decided that I wanted to incorporate my cherry “logo” that is at the top of my header on this blog. This of course should be easy!

NOT! Oh my goodness. Remember, I’m going to create all the cards by hand, because I like to make things 1000% harder on myself. I print the pattern out thinking I could cut it into strips for the cards. Well, my printer ink isn’t as strong as I like. It comes out a bit faded.

I want the shape to be different. Let’s use my new Cricut machine, it will cut several of the shape at one time. Great idea! (not)

By the time I figure out how to size the shape I want to cut, find the right paper, (OH and have enough of that paper), the paper doesn’t stick to the mat, thus the cut is ruined….on and on it went.


My table turned into a huge mess. I couldn’t find what I wanted. I was getting so frustrated.
Then I was saved by a sweet friend who wanted to go to lunch. YES! I needed that break.

After lunch, I went to an office supply store and looked around. There to my tired eyes I found this!

It was exactly what I wanted…a different shape, not the same old rectangle; cherry printable; and I could jazz it up with some ribbon.

Of course with my persnickety computer, it took a little bit longer to get everything uploaded, but I persevered. Isn’t that like all things worthy in life? Marriage? College? Job? Parenting? It isn’t always easy, in fact it probably is going to be very hard and frustrating at times. But with faith and perseverance good things can happen.