“C” is for Cookie

We had a date. As soon as he hopped into the car, he showed me some new music he has been listening too…”Mickey’s Silly Songs” and “C is for Cookies” by none other- Cookie Monster.

IMG_7894We had a very full day planned. First things first. Chocolate Chip cookies were to be baked.

IMG_7890I’ve written about Brayden before here, here and here. Brayden is four now. His trache has been removed and only surgical scars remain there. But he is still a very sick little boy.

IMG_7892Right before Christmas he caught the flu. For a guy like this, the flu can be deadly. He was admitted to the hospital and put in ICU for a week. While there, they discovered that this flu infection had compromised his already weak immune system. He developed HLH. In patients with primary HLH, cells of the immune system, principally T cells and NK cells, don’t work properly to destroy infected or damaged cells as they should. Because of this, the immune system becomes overstimulated and over activated. The immune system then begins to damage the patient’s own tissues and organs, including the bone marrow, the liver and the brain.

IMG_7893The doctors suggested high doses of steroids to build his body up, only to be broken back down with chemo. His little body was so swollen from the steroids, it hurt for him to walk or to be held.

IMG_7885Brayden was released from the hospital weeks before the doctors predicted, because his mom could do everything the nurses were doing at home and because of his miraculous recovery rate.

IMG_7886The first days at home were rough for Brayden and Nina.

IMG_7874But look at this kid!

IMG_7875Brayden is a walking Miracle!

IMG_7879God has great plans for this little boy.

IMG_7880Brayden is courageous. He gets it from his mom.

IMG_7868Nina battled ovarian cancer for about ten years. She was told she would never be able to have children of her own.

IMG_7877One day Nina had an unbearable pain in her back. Immediately she went to her oncologist thinking her cancer was back.

IMG_7876She did not have cancer, but she was having a baby! This little baby boy was born many weeks too soon and had so many complications that the doctors didn’t give her much hope.

IMG_7870Nina has never left this child’s side. She has been the most powerful, strong, loving advocate for a child that I have ever seen.

IMG_7871Caring for a child like Brayden requires tube feedings, dressing changes, doctors appointments almost weekly, therapists, medicine…all without having her own transportation or family. Nina is Super Woman.

IMG_7872Well, this super woman was given a bit of kryptonite news…she has cancer again. This time it is in her bone marrow. Thankfully it’s been discovered early, but it is cancer….again.

IMG_7873As she was having to admit her four year old into ICU, she began her chemo treatments.

IMG_7860-0Having a four year old and no transportation, it’s been a blessing that her treatments can be done in a pill form instead of twice weekly intravenous visits. But it is still chemo. It makes her very ill.

IMG_7861The cancer in her bone marrow is causing fractures in her bones. And so much pain.

IMG_7863Nina is so strong, one might even call her stubborn as a mule. She has done everything and been everything for Brayden, but she needs help. A loving man has been brought into their lives and I thank God for him. He works during the day, so Nina has a full day by herself.

IMG_7856Nina is not going to ask for help. I need to remember that just because I don’t hear from her, doesn’t mean she isn’t calling out.

IMG_7858Thanks for dropping by! Please say a prayer for Nina and Brayden. I know they’d appreciate it.


Thirty-One Gifts Fund Raiser for Brayden

I have a great opportunity for all of you have had your heart melted by my Super Hero Brayden.

20130801-145300.jpgHeather Kappell, a Thirty-One Consultant, is having a fund raiser for Brayden’s medical needs. Oh my goodness! Check out these beautiful bags! There are so many styles, colors and all can be monogrammed. The storage totes are great to wrangle all of the balls, cleats and bats that are rolling around in the back of the car. The lunch totes will keep your lunch ready to eat at noon.

20130801-150034.jpgDon’t like to carry a purse? Then the wristlet is for you!

20130801-150043.jpgThis reversible tote can be worn so many ways. I could see me putting my bible study books in here.

20130801-150048.jpgJust imagine the trunk of your car organized with this beauty.

20130801-150052.jpgCheer your favorite team on with one of these guys . Or maybe your child is going off to college, bet this would be perfect!

20130801-150057.jpgThis may be one of my favorite styles.

20130801-150104.jpgI think my cards and letters need a little bit of style.

As you can see with this small sample of purses, bags, totes and stationery, Thirty-one Gifts has something for everyone. Go here to see all that they have to offer. Lucky for us Heather is having an August Special!! For every $35 you spend, you can get a purse for 50% off! if you are interested in participating in this fundraiser, contact Heather through her email: heatherkappell31@yahoo.com or click here.