Cookies From Home

20130826-134422.jpgOne of the cool things about the Citadel is that they sent us 24 shipping boxes and 10 padded envelopes with labels already addressed to Adam. They know the importance of keeping our knob’s morale up during this tough year. There will be many times they may want to give up.

What’s interesting about these boxes is their size. All knobs carry around a black bag which holds their books. This box will easily fit inside the bag. Why is this important? Well, you see, when a knob quick steps into the barracks an upperclassman guard is at the gate. This guard will probably be curious if the knob comes in holding a large box with both hands mailed from home. He’ll probably want to see what is inside this box. After following orders from the guard to open the box, I’m pretty sure the knob will gladly share the contents of this box. When the knob sprints up the stairs to the forth division (or forth floor for us non-military peeps) where his room is, he will probably meet more upperclassmen who will want to know about the contents of the box from home. Having been taught to share, the knob will allow the upperclassmen to choose what they would like.

You may be thinking..”That is so unfair! How could they do that to him?” You know what? They just can. It’s part of the forth class system that humbles the cocky, know-it-all, macho 18 year olds into a cohesive band of brothers that respect leadership.

Before Adam left, he talked about how much he looked forward to cookies from home.

20130826-140631.jpgNow, I admit I did not make these from scratch. Call me lazy, but I think these break and bake cookies from the refrigerator section of the grocery store are da bomb! I made the white chocolate macadamia nut and the chocolate chip/peanut butter cup cookies.

20130826-140930.jpgI filled a ziplock bag with as many that could fit into the box. Put a little note of encouragement on there too.

20130826-141503.jpgHee hee…I feel kind of sneaky about getting him cookies. I love it! Hopefully he’ll be able to get them to his room before anyone discovers them.

20130826-142213.jpgNow my biggest dilemma is figuring out how not to eat the ones left over!

What are some things you have done for your child when he or she has been away to camp or college? Let me know in the comment section below!
Have a joy filled day! Love,