I’m so Happy!

Sometimes it’s the little things that make my heart giddy.This fella of mine has decided to make healthy life choices. He came home from school yesterday asking if he could go to the grocery store to buy food for his lunch. He walked in an hour later with his arms loaded with bags full of chicken, flank steak, vegetables, sauces and storage containers. He was so excited about slicing, cooking, and packaging his lunches for the week. In the end end, he had prepared five lunches of chicken or steak, rice, sautéed veggies and a salad. He kept repeating “I’m tired of the excuses. I just have to do it.” Wow. I’ve got a lot to learn.Do you see them?! No, not the flowers. LIGHTS!!! OhEmGee! Lights. Bright lights. Ben came yesterday and installed the track lights. After ten years in my craft room upstairs with no windows, then moving everything down to the basement to a room with windows and now LIGHTS! I want to be here every day, all day long.I feel a bit selfish about this beauty which has made my heart literally skip with joy. (Although those two green squares that match up kind of make me crazy. I’m going to let it go.) I feel a bit guilty about all the time I’ve put into something just for me, but just look at her! While Ben was installing lights, I cut a couple hundred little two inch squares and sewed them together to make the border. I loved hand sewing all of the flowers and leaves. I loved using scraps that I have on hand. Each one is different.  No two are alike. It is colorful, bright, flowery, and fun. If you want to know my style…this is it.

What’s made your heart sing lately?

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Taking Longer to Move the Craft Room

It is taking me longer to move the fabric, paints, papers, scissors, machines, tables, boxes and shelves from the upstairs craft room to the my new craft room in the basement. Ok I admit there is a whole  lot of stuff to go through, but I am being delayed mostly because of finding long lost gems like photos of my kids.Mary Claire is helping decorate one her first Christmas trees. Some pictures made me laugh out loud, like this one of some boy cousins flexing in the summer rain. But then there were many others that brought tears to my eyes. Here are three sweet little children, freshly bathed, teeth brushed, snuggling up with their favorite stuffed animal and blankies, listening to the big sister read a story.Another surprise gem that I found was a box labeled with “Mom’s Treasures” on the outside.  What could be inside? Well, this my millennial child is what us old folks used to listen to music. This is an album. Now, not just any album, but the musical memories of the Spring Valley Viking Band! Oh, how I wish I had a turntable to listen to this!What in the world?!? Well my friend, old Mar here was creative even back in the dark ages of 1982. Yes, this is a toilet. For Art 101 we were given free choice to paper mache’ what ever our little hearts desired. No detail was forgotten. There is tissue on the lid, but looks like the toilet paper needs to be replenished. Oh my goodness, what was I thinking?But I have to admit this big brown book is a real treasure. Honey, I was scrapping before scrapbooking was cool. It is quite the book of history. Who shot J.R.? Who is J.R. You ask? Dallas was one of the most popular that t.v.shows  during the 1980’s and J.R. was one of the main characters, played by Larry Hagman. I have no idea who shot him, but I do remember he deserved it. I don’t think he died. This was back in the day when tv shows would leave you hanging until next week or even the following season. 

On a side note, I’m pretty proud of my smoking gun there. This was before computers, printers and cricut machines. I drew and hand cut that myself. I kept the newspaper clipping of the Space Shuttle Columbia landing. It was extra special because one of the astronauts, Maj. Charles Bolden, came from my hometown of Columbia, S.C.Here are roses I got on my Sweet 16th birthday.Tom Cruise, early in his career was in every teenage girl’s dreams. I wish I knew how much that movie ticket was.According to this history book of mine, I went to many concerts. Looks like here I paid $12.50 to see Van Halen in concert. $12.50!!! To see a band perform live costs $35 and up! I went to see Foreigner, Men at Work, (which by the way, was the worst concert ever), dreamy Rick Springfield, the Go-Go’s and…..ahhhhh….Duran Duran. I spent $13.50 of hard earned babysitting money to see these five sing. A bunch of us had tickets, learned the lyrics to every song, did our research on each member of the band by reading Teen Beat and screamed our lungs out the entire night. I may have even shed a tear when I saw them. Crazy.

Along with ticket stubs and newspaper clippings, I saved the ribbons I won in swimming. 

But the thing that was my life during high school, was the band. During the fall, it was all about the marching band, then in the spring we transitioned to orchestra. I mean, come on! How could you not get excited wearing cool tags and buttons with sayings like “Believe SV and you will Achieve!” Or the one that struck fear in the other bands “All You Other Bands, Move Over, SVH is Coming to Clover!” Whoa! Watch out!Yup! There I am in all my dorky glory, huge glasses and all. In the top photo,I’m showing off all my cool buttons and tags I would wear to show my school spirit. In the bottom photo, I’m totally faking the playing-the-flute thing. I’m not sure why they kept me in the marching band, because I always failed to memorize the music. I could march my little heart out around the football field, but to march and play music was beyond me. Now in my junior and senior years I moved to the color guard spinning my flag and throwing the rifle in the air. These were good times. 

It’s funny how as I look back on these old memories, I see that for the most part, we really don’t change that much, do we? My kids and their cousins are still close, though now, instead of dancing in the rain, they dance at each other’s wedding. Just this past weekend, me, Superman and my three kids gathered together in Charleston to celebrate Christmas and the new year. I watched as the sister and two brothers snuggled up on the couch together just like they did many years before. 

And me, thirty-five years later, am still making and creating. I have stacks of scrapbooks that I have put together to preserve memories. I’m still using my imagination to create things that I pray will bring a little happy into this world.

I guess I better get back to moving materials to the basement. Thanks for dropping by!