If You Give A Mouse A Cookie and Mary Something to Do….

I’m getting ready for the Thanksgiving Hoo-Ha that’s going to be happening in a few days. Thirty-six of us will be eating, loving and laughing here at my old homestead.

20131126-154933.jpgI admit it has been awhile since I was in my basement. Needless to say it needed some attention before our guests arrive. As I was wiping the cobwebs off the window blinds, my daddy’s 1940-something ice skates caught my eye. They were laying in the middle of the floor, right where I had put them months ago. I thought to myself….”Mar, you ought to do something with those things.” (I have these profound conversations all the time.) I agreed and went upstairs to get another load of laundry going.

20131126-155824.jpgStanding there at the washer, I noticed this black gunk around the base. So I pull the machine out from the wall and washed the grody floor. I probably should figure out why it was grody, but hopefully it’s just normal after six years of washing.

20131126-160120.jpgOh yeah! I remembered that I was supposed to be doing something with my Daddy’s skates. So let’s go to the garage and get those old tennis rackets! (White Squirrel! I’m scattered. Try to keep up!)

20131126-160341.jpgAren’t these totally cool? Well, for me, they are faBuLoUs! My mom had this whole stash and she was going to either throw them away or give them away. I snagged them.

20131126-160537.jpgA Jack Kramer Autograph! This baby goes for like $60 on EBay.

20131126-160709.jpgThis Ellsworth Vines catches a cool $90! Doesn’t his name sound so sophisticated, like maybe you need to say it with your nose in the air or something?

(Meanwhile…back at the ranch…Mary, stay on the subject. You are putting up your Dad’s skates!)

Anyhoo…these rackets are pretty cool and I want to do something cool with them.

20131126-161629.jpg(via) This is cool.

20131126-161833.jpg(via) But I lurve this idea of weaving some thread or yarn through the strings.

20131126-162441.jpgI knew that my racket would be laying on its side a bit, so I wove the heart sorta cattywompus.

20131126-162913.jpgWoop Woop! I do love tennis.

20131126-163122.jpgI couldn’t stop with just one!

20131126-163539.jpgAs for my daddy’s skates….

20131126-163615.jpgThey are right up there with my swimming trophies from when I was 9 or 10 years old, band awards for being the most enthusiastic and of course, my “Thanks for Participating” tennis trophy. Also, sharing the spotlight with the old skates are some deer antlers and a skull of some sort.

A little skattered and disconnected just like me.
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The 5 Minute Change-Up

We have been in this house for six years now. I can’t believe it. For the past few months I’ve been thinking it is time for a change-up. I thought about redecorating my college age daughter’s room. You know kind of make it a little more grown up. When I mentioned it to her, she sighed and asked that I didn’t do anything. I’ll wait.

Then this little flowered chair kept calling out to me.

20130715-121015.jpg“Change me! Move me! Do something!”

A year ago, I took her sister and recovered her.

20130715-121119.jpgShe resides in my dining room. I actually sewed that baby! I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing, but plugged along. Of course if you look closely, even at far away, you can see all the imperfections. I’m ok with it, because she sits in a corner behind the table. After the countless hours and back breaking pinning, cutting, fitting and sewing, I knew I didn’t want to do that again. And actually I couldn’t figure out what fabric to use. I, even, sent off for samples of fabric for a slip cover. They didn’t really hit the mark either.

Then, as I was taking a shower at my sister’s last week when I was visiting her, I had a brilliant idea! Switch the flowered chair with the club chair from the bedroom!

20130715-121641.jpgRight now it only holds clothes and what-not. Does anyone else have a chair like that? It never gets sat on, just holds stuff?

Easy! Just switch them out.

20130715-121902.jpgUhhhh, maybe not so easy. But being as brilliant as I am, I took the feet off and it slid right out.

I moved the flowered wingback into its place in the bedroom.

20130715-122153.jpgOh My! Look what we have here…a pen, crumbs, taco sauce and 55 cents.

20130715-122312.jpgAnd yup! It holds all my miscellaneous stuff. Thomas smartly advised that I could actually use the chair to sit on if I would put my stuff away. Oh Reeally now.?.
And this is the club chair’s new home.

20130715-123051.jpgNice. I like it. And it cost me $0!

20130715-125504.jpgThe boy approves.