Colorful Snips and Stitches

IMG_0656.jpgI am so excited to show you this new pillow I’ve made! It has been my therapy these past few days. On the days when I feel like I just want to shut the world out, I come down to my happy place to snip, cut, and sew.IMG_0661.jpgI have to tell you, that this book may be one of my favorites. Wild Blooms & Colorful Creatures, by Wendy Williams is filled with wonderfully, colorful projects.IMG_0663.jpgI made this wall hanging about a year ago. It was so fun to rummage through my scrap stash and pull out all sorts of green fabric for the clam shells and patchwork border. (Psst…see the two green squares on the bottom, right smack dab in the middle that are touching? They drive me crazy!!)IMG_0666Here’s a little hoop art that I thought that I would want to sell, but I think I need the reminder to always be thankful. She looks good on my wall.IMG_0667.JPGHere’s another idea I got from Wendy’s book, the Wee Farm Village. I had an old vintage towel that has holes in it, so I decided to use it as my background fabric. The scene needs some more work done on it, like the flowers need stems, there definitely needs some grass, clouds and maybe a few birds flying around.IMG_0662.jpgFor this most recent project, I made one of these Still Life pillows.IMG_0654.jpgNope it isn’t exactly the same, but it isn’t suppose to be. I used what I had in my scrap  bins and started cutting and sewing.IMG_0660.jpgDuring the whole process of making this, I had colorful felt strewn all under my feet, thread in jumbled messes and buttons littering the table. When I am in the zone, I really don’t care about neatness. I can spend hours at a time cutting and hand stitching these flowers. I get lost in the process.IMG_0657.jpgThe challenge for me is to have each of the flowers be different. No two are the same. I embrace the “craftiness” of it all. See how the top rim of the pot (aqua with white buttons) kinda goes wonky toward the right? I’m ok with that.IMG_0658.jpgI had posted on Facebook a picture of this pillow in progress and wrote “to take my mind off things, I cut and sew.” The next day a friend said that “No way would that be calming to me!” She said she would stress and fret about the colors, the cutting, the stitching and everything else in between. It’s a beautiful thing to me to see how God made us all so different, yet all together our differences are what make us so much fun!IMG_0659.jpgI guess what I’m going to fret and stress the most about is worrying about my guy peeps deciding to lay their sweaty bodies on this pillow or throw it on the dirty, dog fur floor to ret their purty little heads on. NOW THAT my friends will stress me out!IMG_0656.jpgHmmm….I wonder what I should make next?

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I’m so Happy!

Sometimes it’s the little things that make my heart giddy.This fella of mine has decided to make healthy life choices. He came home from school yesterday asking if he could go to the grocery store to buy food for his lunch. He walked in an hour later with his arms loaded with bags full of chicken, flank steak, vegetables, sauces and storage containers. He was so excited about slicing, cooking, and packaging his lunches for the week. In the end end, he had prepared five lunches of chicken or steak, rice, sautéed veggies and a salad. He kept repeating “I’m tired of the excuses. I just have to do it.” Wow. I’ve got a lot to learn.Do you see them?! No, not the flowers. LIGHTS!!! OhEmGee! Lights. Bright lights. Ben came yesterday and installed the track lights. After ten years in my craft room upstairs with no windows, then moving everything down to the basement to a room with windows and now LIGHTS! I want to be here every day, all day long.I feel a bit selfish about this beauty which has made my heart literally skip with joy. (Although those two green squares that match up kind of make me crazy. I’m going to let it go.) I feel a bit guilty about all the time I’ve put into something just for me, but just look at her! While Ben was installing lights, I cut a couple hundred little two inch squares and sewed them together to make the border. I loved hand sewing all of the flowers and leaves. I loved using scraps that I have on hand. Each one is different.  No two are alike. It is colorful, bright, flowery, and fun. If you want to know my style…this is it.

What’s made your heart sing lately?

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