A Book of Encouragement

Someone very close to me turned 50 last year. This particular birthday was hard on her. I don’t know…is it because she has regrets? Does she think she would have been in a different place in her life? Does she have hopes and dreams, but fears they will never come true? I don’t know. We had a conversation recently that scared me. Instead of feeling the joy that living for Jesus gives us, she relayed anxiety and worry. Having a close relationship with her, I had to tell her about my fears for her. It was terrible. I hate confrontation. I’d rather just ignore the problem and hope it goes away. But I couldn’t sleep and she was all I could think about. So I called her. It wasn’t pretty.

I love her. I want her to know that.

I received My Craft Channel package in the mail and knew right away what I needed to do with the blank covers, paper and embellishments. If you haven’t heard, My Craft Channel is my crazy obsession. Every day MCC sends me a notice of the deal of the day.

20140121-155348.jpgIt could be the kit of the month.

20140121-155517.jpgMaybe it is a mega kit.

20140121-155714.jpgOr a project of the week.

20140121-155939.jpgBakers twine…


20140121-160021.jpgcolor shine and more.
No matter, the cute hosts tells you all about what is being offered that for the amazing price. I love that all the kits are already coordinated with colors, papers, patterns, and embellishments, so all I have to do is open the package and get started.

20140122-085755.jpgSo let me show you what came in this particular kit….these beautiful papers with patterns on both sides

20140122-085854.jpgOne of the sheets had these really cute cards on one side. Although they had a circus theme, I felt like a few of the cards were perfect for my project.

20140122-090500.jpgWood cut covers. They came blank, then I put some Heidi Swapp Color Shine on them.

20140122-090631.jpgLarge heavy weight stickers

20140122-090656.jpgThe wooden buttons and banners on the right were included in the kit, along with the Color Shine. The Liquid Pearls and Glitter Tape came in another kit.

20140122-091111.jpgSo this is the Encouragement Book I made.

20140122-091326.jpgLove: The most important word in all the world. Every single human yearns for it. We are hard wired to seek and give it. All because God loves us so much, more than we will ever know. I want my special someone to be reminded how how much she is loved not only by God, but by me.

20140122-091824.jpg“Don’t forget to look up”. In everything we do, we should look up, giving thanks, praising him and seeking wisdom from God. Even when our days get long, we are exhausted, we are doing the simple day-to-day chores and when life just feels hard….we need to give thanks. Studies have shown that those who are thankful are the most happy.

20140122-092232.jpg“Bloom Where You Are Planted”. Wherever we are, that is where we need to be. We are all given different gifts and talents. Some are planted to heal, some to teach, some to love. This isn’t to say we have to stay in a harmful situation, but we should be the light in every situation. I pray that she sees her season in life as where she needs to be right now. I pray she will discover her talents and use them to glorify God. When she does this, she will find the freedom, joy and peace that she has been searching for.

20140122-092903.jpg“The Sky is the Limit”! I pray she dreams God-sized dreams without fear and anxiety about what happened in the past or what might happen in the future. God already has big plans for her! God has put people in her life that will help her achieve those dreams. She is worth it. I pray she will begin focusing her energy on the strength that will restore her, help her and give her hope for the future.

20140122-093839.jpgSmile!I miss her laugh, her smile and her wonderful sense of humor. Yes, there is evil in the world, but I am so thankful that God is so much more powerful than that. God doesn’t want us to sit around fretting about what might be lurking around the corner or worrying about the hidden evils in the people we love. Those are things for God to take care of. We are to look for the beauty, humor and wonderment in people, nature and experiences around us. Then give Him praise for it! These are just tiny glimpses of what Heaven will be like for those who believe.

20140122-094714.jpgLastly, I want her to know that no matter what…I love her.

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A Letter to You My Friend

20140108-130836.jpgDear Sweet Friend,
Will you have a cup of coffee with me? I want to tell you something. I love you so. When I see you, I see a beautiful creation of God. I am blown away at how He gave you those shining eyes to see the world in a different way than I do. What do you see? I want to know. I’m sure I’m missing something in this world around me. Tell me what you see.

Sweet Friend, those ears of yours….what have they heard? Do they hear the ugly voices that tell you you are worthless and not good enough? They are lies sister! You have gifts and talents that no one else can claim. Shhh….can you hear The Only, One True Voice? It’s the only one we need to listen to. It is spoken by God. He wants you to hear how much He loves you. He wants to tell you how to be the most wonderful You, there ever is. He says that you are forgiven for any mistakes you have made. You are forgiven, beautiful and wonderful.

Friend, You bless me with your words. You make me laugh, cry, think, and most importantly, you encourage me.

Sweet girl, I thank God for you! You are a treasure. My life is better because you are in it. I am here for you. You are important to me. Share your joys, your frustrations, your fears, your achievements. Let’s celebrate life together.


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