One Lady’s Crap is My Treasure: part 2 rag rug

Yesterday, I shared with you the story behind all of this treasure. That Sunday afternoon, I met Trudy and her husband at her mom’s house just down the street. I figured Trudy’s mom, Marion, would have only a few items. Boy, was I wrong! There was yarn, fabric, fiberfill, embroidery hoops, thread, crochet hooks, large cans of quilting squares, Mason jars, and even a quilting stand. 

Trudy would lift something up and say “All of this is junk.” And I would say “Are you kidding me?!? Trudy this is awesome!”  She would look at me and shake her head. I guess she thought I was crazy. 

When I got home, I figured it would be easiest to unload if I just pulled up to the basement door. As I unloaded, Superman called down to ask if I had gotten anything. I figured it would be best if he didn’t see All of the stuff quite yet. So I hollered back up “Yup! Just got a few things!” 

Junk?!? Trudy, Trudy, Trudy.So like the picture above says, I started sorting all of the bags into keep and throw away. I admit that some of the items had been ruined by little critters, but most were waiting to be resurrected into something fun. As I was separating the fabric by color, I uncovered an old brown and gold Charles Chips can. (Do you remember the truck that would deliver chips to your house? Why in the world did we need potato chips delivered to us? The truck never came to my house, but I remember the joy of it arriving at my best friends!) 
Anyway, I opened this particular can and inside were spools of 1-2 in strips of fabric and a big old crochet hook. Hmmmm…..again, what in the world was Grandma Marion thinking of doing with this?  Well, by golly, I sat right there and started crocheting a rug.

Forget about sorting, I’m making a rug. As you can see in the picture above, I began crocheting in a circle, tying one fabric strip to another as I went.When I had finished with the strips Marion had expertly cut, I rummaged through the rest of the stash to see what I could use. Let me say that Miss Marion had quite an assortment of fabric choices. Some were quite pretty and vintage, while others were… do I put it? Just ugly. Check out this patriotic beauty. I think this may have been a slip cover for a sofa. I figured I probably couldn’t use this in one of my sale items, but it just might work in my rug. I dug through the remaining boxes and bags and began cutting and tearing ugly fabric into strips. I gave up on the round look, when the piece became more like a bowl than a flat rug. But even doing a large 4 1/2 foot rug, I noticed my rectangle was turning into a triangle/trapezoid shape. I guess I need to work on technique. 

Even so, I loved the way this was turning out! Initially I thought it would be a great addition  to my craft room under my soon-to-be made cutting table. Then it came to me what a terrible idea it would be to have a rug in there. I just imagined all of the pins that would get lost in this thing.So now what do I do? Do I get upset because I just spent hours cutting, tearing and crocheting this thing? Nope! I started pulling it all out. Pulling and pulling….until I had a big ol pile of fabric strips. My friend Dagmar saves her fabric scraps to fill her dog, Button’s bed. Sam needs a bed in the craft room, so she can keep me company.I dug around some more in the boxes and found this crazy fabric. I stuffed it with the fabric strips and voila! Sam has a bed!

Now, I just have to figure out how to get her to come downstairs and hang out with me. If she won’t will you? 

Thanks for dropping by!