25 Things that Go Fast

Superman took Thomas and me on a Sunday drive. I started thinking about how fast many things in my life go. Then I stumbled upon this website, List25, where they have educational and yet entertaining lists. I like this 25 Fastest list, but I would like to add some of my own entries.

25. Fastest Rapper: NoClue

20131117-164843.jpgTrust me when I say, I have no clue who this guy is, but I am impressed with his Guinness Book of World Records for being the fastest rapper. They say that in 2005, he spit out 723 syllables in 51.27 seconds. That’s like 14.1 syllables per second. One…who counted them? Two…I live in the south, no one can speak that fast. If fact, we are proud of our drawl Ya’ll.

24. Fastest Guitar Player: John Hicks, aka Dr. Hot Licks

20131117-165852.jpgSo, Dr. hot Licks played Flight of the Bumblebees at 600 beats per minute perfectly…twice, according to GBWR. Now, I thought the banjo duel in the movie Deliverance was pretty darn fast, but this guy blows them away!

23. Fastest Land Animal: Cheetah

20131117-170443.jpgHeck, we all knew this!

22. Fastest Bird: Peregrine Falcon

20131117-170640.jpgThey say these birds can swoop in at 200mph to catch their prey. Shoot! I go at least 250mph for homemade chocolate cake!

21. Fastest Waterslide: Insano

20131117-172225.jpgThose crazy Brazilians built this super fast water slide, so YOU too can plummet down at 65 miles per hour! Can you say wedgie?!? That really doesn’t sound like fun to me. In fact, just looking at this picture makes my stomach lurch.

20. Fastest Eater: Takeru Kobayashi

20131117-213325.jpgTakeru holds the world record for eating the most cocktail wieners in one minute (54), the most Peeps in 30 seconds (25), most grilled cheeses in 1 minute (13) AND the most turkey in 10 minutes! One of the many crazy things about this so-called sport is that the competitors are mostly skinny. They train. They practice. They get paid for this!

19. Fastest Man: Usian Bolt

20131117-213903.jpgThis Jamaican holds the record for the fastest man running the 100 meter in 9.58 seconds. Wow.

18. Fastest Woman: Florence Griffith Joyner

20131117-214736.jpgFloJo broke so many records in her lifetime. Let’s just say, she was stinkin’ fast.

17. Fastest Racquet Sport: Badminton

20131117-214939.jpgAccording to List25, the shuttlecock or birdie can travel up 200mph. Seriously?!

16. Fastest Rollercoaster: Formula Rossa

20131117-220408.jpgThis Abu Dhabi rollercoaster will take you to speeds of 149mph! It is so fast, you will be given goggles to wear to protect your eyes. Oh good. Goggles. I wonder if diapers are included.

15. Superman Driving

20131118-074927.jpgYes, the speedometer says 100mph!

14. Money

20131118-075318.jpgAfter going to the ATM, it is amazing how fast that freshly drawn cash can go! Do you have teenagers?

13. I’m Losing My Mind Fast

20131118-080037.jpgJust this past week, I thought an appointment was at 12:30…oops, not! It was at 12:00 and the doctor had gone home. And on Thursday, Superman asked if I had a meeting that night. I thought for a moment…hmmm…no, not tonight, but I did LAST NIGHT!

12. Speedy Gonzolas

20131118-080634.jpgNo matter where we go, Spartanburg or Boston or Arizona or Colorado, when Superman orders at a Mexican restaurant, he orders a #6: a Speedy Gonzolas and it shows up at our table speedy fast.

11. Weekends End Too Fast.

20131118-081322.jpgWhether we are in Charleston to visit the kids in college or hanging out at home, Monday comes way too fast.

10. My Coffee Cools Too Fast.

20131118-081851.jpgEnough said.

9. Kitty Getting The Heck Out Of Dodge

20131118-082102.jpgSure, Lilly looks all comfy and relaxed….but when she evens thinks I’m about to trim her nails, she is outta here so fast, she’s just a blur, not to be seen for days.

8. Clean House.

20131118-082508.jpgI truly can’t keep up. I know, it’s only three of us, but I clean and clean, then moments later it’s a mess.

7. Fastest Cookie Snagger: Sam

20131118-082754.jpgDon’t let her sweet looks fool you. Turn your back for a second and your cookie or sandwich or spaghetti or yogurt…..will be gone.

6. Losing Exercise Endurance.

20131118-083653.jpgI was dedicated to the 5:30 AM Boot Camp class at the gym for a couple years. I got strong, could do 30 push-ups, and loads of crunches. Class got cancelled for a few months. I go back and can barely do 15 push-ups. UGH! I was at a point where I could sorta easily run, or maybe jog, 3.5 miles. Don’t run for two or three weeks, I’m huffing and puffing to get to the next mailbox. Double UGH!

5. Time Goes so Fast.

20131118-084454.jpgEveryone is given 24 hours in a day. That really should be enough. So why do I sit there at the end of the day and go “Where did it all go?”

4. Children Growing Up.

20131118-085128.jpgNeed I say more?

3. Lose My Focus.

20131118-085623.jpgI heart yearns to be in God’s presence at all times. Yet the world comes at me so fast, I have to make a choice. Which road to I follow? I so easily take that easy road. Then I end up feeling empty, tired and weary. It happens so fast I don’t even realize it’s happened!

2. Fast Weight gain.I’m not even going to post a picture. It all goes along with #13, 12, 6, 3. Take your pick.

1. Loss of Energy.I’m just too tired to find a picture. But I’m sure you’ve been here. One day you are feeling great and next….well, you know.

Well, my friends…I want to thank all of the wonderful ideas submitted from Facebook friends. And thanks to you for dropping by. If you have any other ideas of things that go fast, please comment!

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More Random Smiles

It’s a chilly, wet Saturday morning and I want to share some videos and pictures that are making me smile. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy.

20131116-083452.jpgOne man’s incredible encounter with wild mountain gorillas. I want to have my hair touched by gorillas!

20131116-083718.jpgAll 26 Letters of the alphabet photographed in butterfly wings. Again, God shows His masterful skill.

20131116-084347.jpgAmazing lettering by an unlikely type of guy.I would love to be able to script like this.

20131116-084914.jpgTissue paper stop motion animals. I am blown away…get it? Blown, as in blow my nose? Ba-da-dum.

20131116-085643.jpgWhat happens when you give a thousand kids a thousand stickers? How cool is this?!

20131116-091423.jpgTim Hawkins: Yoga Pants.Come on! You’ve gotta agree that yoga pants are AWESOME!

20131116-093130.jpgCows mesmerized by jazz band. I’m going to leave you with this one, hopefully with a smile on your face and ready to take on this Saturday. Thanks for dropping by!