The Very Hungry Caterpillars

It’s been hot and dry for the past week or so. I went to water my carrots and I saw these little fellows munching away.

20130910-121312.jpgMy first reaction was yuck.

20130910-121358.jpgI kept watering in hopes that they hadn’t fully destroyed my “crop”.

20130910-121447.jpgStems that were full of leaves are now stripped clean.

20130910-121525.jpgAs in the children’s book by Eric Carle, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, these guys ate and ate. After seeing the damage they had done, I’m sure they probably could have eaten through one nice strawberry, one slice of watermelon and a piece of chocolate cake.

20130910-121759.jpgEven Mr. Snail was in on the gorge party.

20130910-121841.jpgI did what any gardener has to do in a situation like this…I picked them off.

20130910-121923.jpgIt’s kind of hard to appreciate these little squirmy Papilio polyxenes, but seeing their beautiful color and markings, I wanted to know what they were going to grow up to be.

20130910-122724.jpg (photo by Sherryl Pollock, 2011) This, my dear friend, is what my hungry caterpillars will transform into, a Black Swallowtail Butterfly.

20130910-123100.jpg(photo by Sherryl Pollock, 2011). Again , I am amazed at God’s creativity. What was going through His mind when He created caterpillars and butterflies? Why couldn’t the butterfly’s just hatch from an egg? It is just another one of those things that I will never understand, but will always be astonished.

P.S. No I did not kill my feeding friends. I relocated them to another area of the yard.
Thank for stopping by! Hope you see God’s artistry today. Love,


A Prized Rose or Scraggily Dandelion ?

20130621-133825.jpgSome are yellow.

20130621-133917.jpgSome are pink.

20130621-134001.jpgSome are tall and skinny.

20130621-134106.jpgSome are big and round.

20130621-134158.jpgSome actively climb to the top.

20130621-134241.jpgSome are good just hanging out down low.

20130621-134512.jpgSome like to stand out in a crowd.

20130621-134611.jpgSome are happy to blend in.

20130621-134653.jpgSome struggle to live.

20130621-134806.jpgSome are entered into pageants.

20130621-134910.jpgSome stand up tall with pride.

20130621-134937.jpgSome weep and hang down.

20130621-135422.jpgSome are fake.

20130621-135444.jpgSome are real.

20130621-135538.jpgSome are used.

20130621-135556.jpgSome are givers.

20130621-135622.jpgAll are created by God. All admired by us all.

You think I’m talking about flowers, don’t you? Well, in one sense I am. But I am actually thinking about women. (Sure, men fit this thought too, but I’m thinking about us, women.)

Last week I was with my family on vacation in Idaho. I saw women with tattoos and diamonds, with dreadlocks and manicures, in raggedy clothes and sequined dresses, in bare feet and high heeled shoes. We are all so different!

I don’t know about you, but I compare myself with other women allll the time. How I feel about myself at any given moment depends on who is standing beside me or how tired I am or if the moon and stars are lined up correctly. This is WRONG people!

As I was leading bible study with the women at Miracle Hill Rescue Mission, I thought I was reminding them how special and unique they are because God created them to look different and gave them special gifts to use to Glorify Him. Actually, I was preaching to myself. As much as I wish I had legs like that one, be athletic like her and could be as organized as the girl down the street, God made me….ME!

When I look at a flower in bloom, wherever it may be- a garden, a field or a crack in the sidewalk, I admire it. They are all beautiful to me! I am amazed every time at how creative and majestic God is. Now the same can be said of us. We were created by God. Think about every person that has ever walked this earth from the beginning of time. WOW! Isn’t God creative? Why can’t I look at each woman, yes- even myself, as someone beautiful and filled with gifts? Why can’t I admire His good works in me as much as I do that daffodil on the hill?

If God can put so much energy into creating something that only lasts for a short season, then how much more did He put into creating us? Instead of lamenting how I wish I was more like her, maybe I ought to rejoice in the quirky, silly, loud, unorganized, flexible, helpful, short person He made in me!

What do you think? I’d love to hear your comments!