I’m a Certified Packer!

20140208-085958.jpgOh Yea! Uh, huh! This momma passed her Concealed Weapons Permit test!

20140208-090129.jpgWhy did I get my Concealed Weapons Permit, you maybe asking? Well, as you know, it was Superman’s 50th birthday. The one thing this guy didn’t have was his concealed weapons permit. I know, I don’t believe it either! Anyway, his business parter, Matt, generously gave this class to Superman as a birthday gift. And because I am just one lucky gal, I got to take the class too!

20140208-090710.jpgWe started our day with a delicious breakfast at Waffle House. I love me a pecan waffle and a never ending cup of coffee! I, also, love these two friends! Matt and Amanda fit us so well. Superman and Matt can talk work stuff and us girls can talk girl stuff.

20140208-091039.jpgThe class was held at Riverbend Sportsmen Club near Fingerville, SC. (Fingerville? Yup! South Cackalacky is also home to the town of North, Due West, Jalapa, Pukwana and Sugar Tit.)

20140208-091529.jpgThis place is actually pretty cool, even to a girl. All sorts of hunts are happening on any given weekend. There is a multi station skeet shooting range. (This is where the shooter stands in one place and the skeet shoots out from random stations, trying to simulate real hunting situation.) And of course, sometimes there are some sweet puppy dogs that I can love on and ruin their training in 30 seconds or less.

20140208-092306.jpgYou want to spend the night? Riverbend has a multi bedroom lodge and meals are included. After a long day of shooting, you’re encouraged to come back to the main lodge, sit by the fire, have a complimentary cocktail (only if your shooting is done for the day!), and shoot some pool or shoot the breeze with some locals. Let me just say that the peanuts are addictive!

20140208-092617.jpgSo we meet our instructor, John. John is very knowledgable about guns, gun laws, gun opinions, gun accessories, gun signs… John is quite serious about his job as instructor. Which that I am glad, because this is serious business. But for 8 hours…yes 8 hours…I need some humor. John’s humor was as dry as eating Saltine crackers on a hot July day in SC with no water in sight. He was dry. I don’t think he appreciated my sense of jovial remarks throughout the day. When asked at the end of the day if he thought we were the best class he ever taught, he remained silent. The most fun class? Silence. The best class of the day? (Being the only one of the day…) His thoughtful reply was “You have definitely been the most unique class I’ve ever had.) hmmm. I’ll take that.

20140208-114835.jpgWe had classroom time for a couple of hours, then had a warm meal for lunch at the lodge. Went back to learning all about the rules and regulations of carrying a gun on my person.

20140208-115038.jpgAfter about five hours of brain numbing information and “war” stories, Matt, thankfully, suggested we head on out and do the target test. Amanda and I were a little nervous about knowing all the buttons and steps in shooting a gun. It’s one thing to have hubby right beside you telling you step-by-step and another have Mr. CWP with a list checking your abilities.

20140208-120108.jpgThis is our target. All shots must be in the white space. You start at ten feet away, then progressed to 50 feet, all the while showing yourself to be efficient with the handling of the gun.

20140208-120354.jpgHave to be careful who is on the other side of the berm. Bullets will ricochet and fly over with the possibility of hurting anyone on the other side.

20140208-120725.jpgAmanda went first.

20140208-120749.jpgShe was a regular Clint Eastwood!

20140208-120838.jpgEveryone has their own gun. I happen to have a Sig Sauer Mosquito, that Superman bought me the weekend before. It’s a little bit big for my grip, but I admit the kickback is minimal. It’s pretty easy to use.

20140208-121226.jpgMatt, then Superman took their turns. I finished this part of the testing with FLYING COLORS! I started out aiming at the red zone. Got bored with that and went for the neck area, next to the groin area. Got to get the bad guy where it hurts. Then I was reminded that I may have to defend myself in the zombie apocalypse, so I aimed for the head, which everyone knows, that’s the only way to kill a zombie.

20140208-122042.jpgFifty out fifty shots in the zone!

20140208-122124.jpgAfter an hour or so outside, we went back to the lodge to take the written test. I was a bit nervous. I didn’t know if I needed to write some notes on my hand or cheat off of Superman. BUT as you can see, I was a-ok all on my own. In fact, I do believe I scored higher than Superman! What-the-what?!? (Badda-boom, badda-bing! Doing my happy dance!!! much to the chagrin of my loving husband.)

20140208-122659.jpgAll that’s left to do is send in the paperwork and get our fingerprints made.

20140208-122814.jpgThe only question left is….Is the world ready for these two heat packin’ mommas?

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Just a Peaceful Sunday Afternoon

When you want to hang out with the guys, you’ve got to do guy stuff. So off to the farm we go.

20140127-164031.jpgSam is ready!

20140127-164054.jpgGrab some lunch on the way. I love Cook Out! Its a Christian organization that has the courage to play Christian music in the restaurant. On their cups John 3:16 is printed. think that’s cool.

20140127-164238.jpgSuperman and I are going to be getting our Concealed Weapons Permit next weekend, so he thought it would be a good idea for me to practice before I went.

20140127-164410.jpgIf you’re going to shoot, then you have to load up the magazine. I had to figure out which way “da boolits” went in. The guys got me tickled.

20140127-164637.jpgOf course there always has to be some bet going on…who can hit their target the best out of ten shots. The guys started getting all cocky when I said I’d do it too! Here’s Thomas “showing” me how to do it.

20140129-084141.jpgUh, yea right! who hit 9 out of 10?? uh huh…Big Momma! Woop Woop! You go girl! ….doin’ my dance thang. The guys said that it didn’t count. (????) We have to do another round. (????) I guess they just can’t handle this girl’s ninja shooting skills.

20140129-084739.jpgWhile the guys licked their wounds, I decided to take a little walk with Sam.

20140129-084831.jpgI’m really not a big gun fan, but I also don’t want to be known as a fussy, wimpy girl either. As the guys loaded and blew stuff up, I looked for beauty in the small stuff, like these seed pods.

20140129-085515.jpgThe curling of this tree bark….

20140129-085551.jpgThese orange berries against the grey winter landscape…

20140129-085611.jpgthe sound of the water in the stream…

20140129-085635.jpgthis old fence line that used to keep Poppy’s cows in his field

20140129-085651.jpgthe half frozen pond.


20140129-085757.jpgSam didn’t mind. I love her excitement at being at the farm. I wonder what her brain is doing as she smells every blade of grass…

20140129-085920.jpgAnd she digs furiously in some critter hole.

20140129-090048.jpgOops…I slid down an embankment. All good.

20140129-090259.jpgAlright, enough of the pretty stuff. Time to get back to showing the guys what’s up.

20140129-090355.jpgWe’re on to the big gun. I have no idea what it is. All I know is that it has a huge kick And is very loud!

20140129-090528.jpgI do have to admit that the scope on this thing is pretty cool. When looking through the scope you see a green target.

20140129-090717.jpgWe blew up some old computers.


20140129-090803.jpgIs it in their genes? Guys love blowing stuff up!

20140129-090844.jpgThey shot off hundreds of rounds.

20140129-090921.jpgI got to do what I’ve wanted to do to my computer sooo many times….

20140129-090959.jpgjust beat the snot out of it! (I know you’re jealous!)

20140129-091053.jpgJust another peaceful Sunday on the farm.

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