Oh Joy! Sam’s Squirrel

What brings you joy?

20140324-085203.jpgI love reuniting with my family. There’s a quiver inside of me moments before I see them. This is especially true right now that two of my kids are in college.

20140324-085620.jpgOh man! Playing tennis on a warm spring day!?! Joy, Joy Joy! Being on the court, no matter how bad I may be playing that day, with friends, birds are chirping, the sun is shining down….I love it! I get giddy. And maybe a little bit silly.

20140324-085819.jpgWhat brings Sam joy? Squirrels! Now I’m not sure if she actually caught this poor guy or if she found it in this state…it doesn’t really matter….She Loves It!

20140324-090941.jpgI was enjoying a beautiful, warm day outside on the patio reading, when I saw Sam throwing something in the air, barking and leaping around.

20140324-091343.jpgWhen I finally caught up to her, she was breathless in happiness. “Look Ma, isn’t he great?!”

20140324-091515.jpgFor the next hour or so, I watched her carry the squirrel from one spot to another.

20140324-091639.jpgShe’d bury it by the bushes.

20140324-091711.jpgShe would come back to me, nudge my arm, so I would ask her where her squirrel was. Then she’d dart over to the spot and dig it back up.

20140324-091812.jpgMaybe here would be a good spot.

20140324-092317.jpgUnder the deck?


20140324-092421.jpgHow about inside?

20140324-092500.jpgShe would sniff it, lick it and roll it around. I’m sure the dirtier, the better.

20140324-092558.jpgLots of digging.

20140324-092629.jpgLots of holes.

20140324-092724.jpgShe may have been sidetracked on this one.

20140324-093333.jpgLife is so good!

20140324-093429.jpgSo how long did this squirrel last, so to speak?

20140324-093512.jpgTHREE DAYS! (Yes it was gross.)

20140324-093606.jpgBut this was one happy dog.

What brings you joy?

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Joy in the Donut

20130803-074624.jpgDon’t hate me.

20130803-074652.jpgSome people are tempted by cigarettes and some by alcohol. Me? This red sign that is lighted up at only special times of the day. It screams “Come on in! Hot, melt in your mouth goodness is waiting for you~Mary!”

20130803-074939.jpgDo you remember in the Scooby Doo cartoons when Shaggy and Scooby would come under some bad guy’s spell? Their eyes would start glossing over and they would be sucked into the vortex? This glowing sign has the same effect on me.

20130803-075208.jpgNow, you would think that after getting my pictures back from our vacation this summer and seeing THIS and….

20130803-075700.jpgTHIS that I would avoid Church St., where Krispy Kreme is located in our town, at all costs. If I was truly as disgusted with the state of my body as I think I am, I would drive miles away from this place.

20130803-080100.jpgBut, there is this kid. He is on the high school cross country team and they are in the midst of summer training.

20130803-080425.jpgWednesdays are Krispy Kreme Donuts Day. Lucky me! It’s all a part of the championship training program at the school. ….Well, actually, it’s a part of the teenage boys idea of a reward for getting through another workout.

20130803-080901.jpgYou know what? When you are a 15 year old guy, who just finished a 5 mile run and your metabolism is sky high, you can eat this. If you are a 47 year old mom with a metabolism in the negative numbers, you really ought to stay in the car.

20130803-081139.jpgIt is kind of cool to watch the sweet treats being made. Here they are coming out of dough into circles process. (That’s straight from the company lingo…dough into circles process!)

20130803-081434.jpgOut of the fryer crispy and golden brown. Mmmm….Do you notice how all of the oil is dripped out of the donut? Not a drop is left in the donut! Healthy, right?…….Uh, yeah, right.

20130803-081636.jpgNow, through a shower of sugary goodness.

20130803-081917.jpgThomas and I didn’t want to leave Superman and Adam out on this special treat, so we got a dozen. Geez.

20130803-082355.jpgI’m going to leave you with my favorite.
What is your favorite kind of donut? Are you a Dunkin Donut fan? We don’t have one in town so I have “settle” for Krispy Kreme.

P.S. Too funny…right now on the news show I am watching as I write this, they are discussing bad foods~ sugar, salt, flour…hmmm are donuts made of these things? Oh well. I think I’m going for a run right now! Have a great day!!!