I’m How Old?!?

Yup, I came into this world 50 years ago just a talkin.

Here I am blowing out my three birthday candles, surrounded by family and friends. 

How blessed am I, that sooo many years later I am still celebrating with friends and family surrounding me? 

At four I wore a pretty party dress. (I LOVE the wallpaper in our kitchen, all yellow flowers and happy.)

Yesterday was my birthday and I decided to wear my party skirt. It is t quite as fancy as what I wore at four, but it made me feel happy.

It can swirl and twirl and keep me cool on these hot July days. I mean, what girl wouldn’t want a skirt with a chicken on it?! Or maybe it’s a blue bird, I don’t know. I made it a couple of days ago. Other than the hem being all jacked up, I love it. I decided that if I walk swirly twirly-like no one will ever tell how uneven the line is. 

So how did I spend my day? Well, I played tennis for the first time in 2 1/2 months. Yippee Skippee! Even though I am terribly out of shape, my foot didn’t hurt one eensie bit and I had a few good shots. But most importantly I was back with my peeps. 

I received so many blessings! Friends surprised me with sweet gifts like these flowers and my mailbox stuffed with fun craft stuff. My guys wrote heartfelt notes, which always mean so much to me. I got to talk to family and friends who live far away. LOVE!

I went to see this big boy, Brayden. He and I share the same birthday. He is now six! 

This past weekend he was in the hospital for a serious infection, but luckily was able to come home. He isn’t allowed to leave his house until his numbers get up, so I decided to go to him with cupcakes and a few little gifts.

That evening, my guys surprised me with Adam coming home. The plan was to meet Superman’s mom, Vera, at the Italian restaurant at 6:00. At 5:45, Superman is still fiddling with his computer. I very patiently asked if he was about ready to go. He said “Just a few more minutes to finish up.” Inside, I’m thinking “We’re late! Nanny is waiting! Come on. Get a move on! I’m hangry!” (That’s being so hungry that you’re about to do something ugly.) Superman knew he was moments away from me turning into a whirling dervish on him. He would’t even look at me, because he said he knew he’d start laughing. 

Then all of a sudden Adam pops in the door! Yay!! He rushed upstairs to change clothes and  I was minutes from having a delicious meal. The chef/owner came over with a candle when I was half way through eating my cheesecake, because it’s never too late for a candle.

Hee hee. It was a wonderful evening with my family. I only wish Mary Claire and Tyler could have been there. But as usual with us, we sent pics back and forth to Charleston and it almost seemed as if they were with us.

Fifty shifty. Does it really matter what the calendar says? I swear I feel like I’m still in my 30’s, but without small children. I’ve lived an amazing life and been blessed beyond anything I deserve. I don’t have a clue what the next fifty years have in store for me, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be exciting. 

Watch out world! This little Nipper ain’t dead yet! 

Thanks for dropping by!

Showered with Love

  It’s ok that her name was misspelled. This was the weekend to shower Mary Claire and Tyler with love. The Magnolia Tea Room was the first wedding shower of the weekend.  

 It was given by Vera, Superman’s momma, and her sisters. Mauvalene is there sitting on the left in the pink jacket. Now, Marva helped deliver Superman 50 something years ago! She was there every step of the way in raisin’ that young’un. If Superman had the sniffles, then by golly Aunt Marva was there with a shot. In fact, lil’ Reeky would hide under the bed when he saw her coming. She isn’t actually blood related, but she’s one of the family just the same. 

 The lovely thing about growing up in a small town, like Gaffney, not many people move away. So the same neighbor who saw Lil’ Reeky Toot-Toot grow up, are the same neighbors who watched his children grow. It was a wonderful reunion for us. 

 As you can see, Tyler was the ONLY guy in attendance. Before we left our house, Superman made his future son-in-law turn in his Man Card. Tyler totally can handle a room full of old ladies. I think he actually has a gift for schmoozing and wooing the older generation.  

 The tables were set in the perfect tea house way…salad, finger sandwiches, cheese wafers, madeleines, fruit and desserts. And the sparkling iced tea was especially delicious. (I think I may have figure that recipe one out to serve at my next party.) Oh, and don’t forget the nuts! Mixed nuts! Gotta have nuts! 

 I LOVE this family I married into! Although Superman is an only child, he had many cousins to torture and treat like sisters.  

 I think what overwhelmed me the most, was all these people who wanted to love on my little girl. This type of party does involve a lot of gifts, which might offend some people. But here is Mary Claire and Tyler who will be moving into a brand new house with not much more than a bachelor’s table, two coffee mugs from college and a plastic bowl. This party was about loving someone so much that you want to help them get started in their new life together.  

 Before becoming engaged, Mary Claire was a little put off by the whole concept of having a party like this. She didn’t understand the love that trumps all the dishes, crockpots and toasters. 

 Believe me, it didn’t take long for her to fully grasped how undeservedly blessed we all are. When she walked into that room love was present. 

 This sweet couple has bought a house with nothing in it. They have cautiously counted their pennies and budgeted their paychecks to plan for expenses. Willing to make due until the time was right to make purchases, a day like today was God’s way of saying I Love You. 

 So if Saturday was the day to show the young couple how much they are loved, Sunday was the day to shower them again AND to show me how much God loves me! 

 I know that this party was not about me, but I was overwhelmed by love I felt. Three of my dear friends, Sissy, Margo and Angie planned and organized this beautiful shower for MC and Tyler. 

(FYI: Costco has AMAZING cheesecake! OMG!)

(Gosh, whoever brought those beautiful lamps, sure has great taste!)

(Oh yeah, this isn’t about me. Me me me.) 

 My mom, my sisters Jane and Laura drove from Columbia and Atlanta to attend. To take a quiet Sunday and choose to drive a couple of hours means so much to me! 

 Beautiful “jewels” to represent beautiful hearts in that room. 

 Hee Hee…even the baristas got their bling on! By the way, these guys were so sweet, so talented and so fun. 

 The shower was held at a local coffee shop, Bella Latte. The baristas created delicious frothy cups of coffee and refreshing chilled drinks. Olivia loved her chocolate milkshake. (Isn’t she absolutely adorable?!?)

(By the way, just for your information…Olivia is turning five next month and she is having a birthday party and it is going to be a princess party and you are invited and you have come dressed all fancy and you can wear a crown.) 

(Just so you know.) 

 I guess this shower had me overflowing with emotion because of the people who were there. Not only family, but friends…long time friends. Hey Vet! 

 Friends of mine and friends of Claire. 

 Friends I’ve known and loved for almost twenty years. 

 Friends of Claire’s that I’ve seen grow up into beautiful, smart young professionals. 

(Waaaa! Where has the time gone?) 

  So again, for the second time this weekend, these two were showered with love.  They are physically and spiritually ready to start their life together after their June wedding. 
I was reminded again of the immeasurable ripple effect of God love for us. 

God first loved us, even before we were born. His love grows and grows with each interaction, conversation, hug, visit and prayer we have with each other. The overwhelming joy I felt this weekend was not about “Oh look at all the people who love me!” or “Gee look at all the pretty gifts they got!” BUT “God sooo loves me that He has blessed undeserved me with a beautiful loving family, genetically and family through marriage. He has blessed me with friends…so many friends. 

(I am wiping away tears as I think about all of this.)

He has answered my prayers to bring a God-fearing, smart, loving, sweet , funny guy into my daughter’s life. I have absolutely no doubt that God orchestrasted Mary Claire and Tyler getting together.

 Mary Claire’s little Honda Civic was packed with not an inch of room left. 

(Oh, and that was just from Saturday.)

Golly gee. I guess Momma is just going to have to make plans to deliver the rest of the gifts to Charleston sometime soon! 


Thanks for dropping by!