Exactly Where We Should Be

 I have a few God stories I want to share with you. For many of us, we worry about this and that. We try so hard to be “right” with God. We are thinking that maybe we should be in a better place, better job, more significant surroundings. Well friends, I’ve been reminded that God has us right where he wants us to be. 

 For years her mission has been to help young girls and women fall in love with Jesus. She led bible studies in her dorm room, met unbelieving friends for coffee and showed them how much God loves them, and even signed up to move to India to spread the Word of God.

Her job right now is as a receptionist of a large law firm. She felt confined and not able to do the mission she has always felt called to do…encouraging women. She considered going black to college for a new degree as a cosmetologist. She spent many hours doing research, interviewing hair stylists and visiting local beauty schools. She figured this would enable her to not only help women feel good on the outside, but she would be able to show them how beautiful they are on the inside. Then she had a conversation with her pastor and he reminded her that maybe what she needed to do was to change her outlook about her job. God asks us to share the Good News right where we are, with our family, neighbors and coworkers. Well, in that very week, as she was giving a coworker a lift home, she was able to talk about the womens retreat she was going to that weekend with her church. This led to her coworker wanting to know about her church. Then a few days later, she was able to spend quality time with her female boss, whom she hadn’t felt comfortable having a relaxed relationship with. But on this particular day, the rest of the office had gone home and it was only the two of them. Her boss noticed how different she is and began to ask questions about her faith. It was exactly what her boss needed to hear. She wants the same relationship with Christ as the receptionist has. 

Right where she is , is where she is suppose to be. 

(By the way, she is not going to cosmetology school after all.) 

 He had to show up to court for a traffic violation. Because his mother had jury duty that day and his father was out of town, the seventeen year old had to report by himself. The doors to the courtroom did not open until 8:30 am, so he sat down on a bench in the hall to wait. A man with a dirty smell about him, wearing wrinkled clothes, and workbooks with no socks sat down beside the teen. The man asked the boy what he was there for. The boy said a traffic violation and asked the man about his situation. The man hung his head and said he was there to try to get his kids back. He was fighting for custody in his divorce. He explained that he grew up in an abusive home and didn’t want that for his kids. The teenager saw that the man looked hopeless, so he offered him the best that he could offer. He asked the man if he could pray for him. The man answered, “Sure. If couldn’t hurt none.” There in the courtroom hall, a teenager bowed his head, put his hand on the man’s back and prayed for him. 

Oh yeah…the seventeen year old was at the wrong courthouse. But, as he told his mother, “I think I was exactly where God wanted me to be.” 

I think he’s right.  

 I volunteer at the homeless shelter in town. During one of the devotionals I lead, a young 19 year old mother-to-be commented on how scared she is of having this baby. Right then, I felt the nudge from God to offer some parenting skills. The young mom-to-be eagerly agreed. We began meeting from 30 minutes or so after devotions each week. She grew up in such a neglectful home, more than I could possibly imagine. She tried to convince me that her mother was a good mom when she wasn’t doing cocaine. This teen joined a gang at 7 years old just so she could feel like she belonged. Her first question to me was “How do I show my baby that I love her?” Wow. So we began. We began with the basics of the miracle of God within her. This baby was created by the hands who created the universe. This baby was thought about before she was conceived, is created in the image of God and given unique gifts and talents that only she will possess. I gave her a notebook that she could write down a her thoughts and any questions she might have during the week. Then we could talk about them during our weekly meeting. 

After our third week or so, I was getting the feeling that things weren’t going so well. Trying to explain basic parenting skills seemed like I was talking to someone from a different planet. She would take me on long, winding, distant stories, that I often wondered if they were true. With her ingrained, skewed ideas of what a loving parent is, along with the limited time time together and possibility of her moving out of the shelter shortly, I began to doubt if this is where I should be. Then she handed me the notebook I had given her. She had written this.

Maybe, just maybe, I am here at this moment with her for not the reasons I think I’m there for. Maybe I’m not suppose to know the outcome or see the results. Maybe I’m just suppose to love on her and show her how much she is loved by God. 

I think it’s interesting how freeing it is to know that I don’t have to jump through a bunch of hoops to please God. Now, I make it hard by trying to do it my way, but when I do what He asks, then get out of the way so He can do His work..Its easy! 

 Friends we are right where He wants us to be. How are we going to accept this fact? Do we try to control it and do it our own way? Or do we go in with a trusting and loving heart? 

And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this? Esther4:14

Thanks for stopping by my little spot in this big ol’ world.  


Monday Re-Start

We went to church yesterday morning. This may not seem like a big deal, but to me it was refreshing, cool water for my parched, spiritual thirst. On one hand, I’ve been so blessed to be able to travel and be with friends and family. But on the other hand, I haven’t been to my home church in several weeks. Sure I can listen to Richard’s sermons here, but nothing restores my weary soul than to sing in my off-key voice with angelic voices around me, tap my toes in my own rhythm, take notes during the sermon to remind me of God’s sovereignty, put my folding chair on the rack, then hug and talk to my sweet brothers and sisters of Hope Point. Ahhh….I love it. I need it.

I have everything any woman would want or need….loving husband, fantastic children, goofy pets, amazing friends, beautiful home, enough food to feed an army, exercise, a room where I can create etc…. I’m able to do what I want when I want, but I have felt loose, disconnected and frustrated. During the service on Sunday, I realized I needed to reach out for the life ring God was throwing to me. I had been treading water for a looong time in the middle of the ocean, doing a pretty good job, but getting a bit tired.

So here it is Monday…while some think “Ugh, it’s Monday.” I’m thinking “Woo Hoo! It’s Monday!”

In Him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of his grace…Ephesians 1:7

I think Monday is a great day to start afresh, start a new pattern, start my day off right. I knew that I had been missing my daily quiet times with God. I needed to get back in the habit of praying and reading my bible every day. I had made my days so busy with taking care of everyone else, that I began to believe that I could do it all-by myself. Trying to do it all on my own power, I was tired, grumpy, impatient and just wanted to go into hiding. Thank God, that we all have been atoned for our mistakes through his blood on the cross and we have been forgiven! We are all given that second, third and one thousandth chance to start again. God says “It’s ok. I love you. Try again, but this time let’s do it together.”

I set my alarm for 6:00am for the quiet and still of the morning.

20131028-083510.jpgIt’s still dark outside. I try to be very quiet, so as not to awaken Superman, the dogs and cat. The pets are very set in their ways and I didn’t want to get involved in the morning bathroom routine, feedings and normal start of the day shenanigans.

Sam followed me into the kitchen while I made some coffee. She laid down at my feet, looked up at me as if saying “Momma, it ain’t time to get up yet.” With a hot cup of coffee, I started my new morning routine, which is actually my old routine, but I let it go in the shuffle of life, so now I’m back, starting new again. (Wow, that’s some sentence you got there, Mar.)

I give thanks.

I ask for forgiveness.

I pray for intercession.

I read.

I write.


20131028-162452.jpgLooks like my time is up. It is 6:45 and the girls are hungry. It doesn’t seem like I had enough time. Maybe I can set the coffee maker to brew before I wake up and rise at 5:30 instead of six. I’m willing to make adjustments, tweaking it here and there. The most important thing is that I make this time every day.

Do you have a special routine for your quiet time with God? When do you do your devotional? Do you have a special spot? Early morning? Lunchtime? Or right before bed? No matter what the time, it’s all good. Thanks for dropping by,