Paint, wine and Friends= new Artists

As women we crave friendships. But having friends can be so hard. Being in my 40’s and a mother of teenagers, I don’t have as much opportunity to hang out with girlfriends like I did when my children were younger. Years ago, my friends and I would hang out for hours while the kids played together. As time has gone on, friends have moved or gone back to work. I guess not having the excuse of our children’s play dates, spending time with friends has gone to the wayside.

Why is this so? I have no idea. I can only think that maybe its a lack of confidence. Or maybe I’m just lazy. I kind of like just being at home. But always being at home isolates me from the friendships that need nurturing and time.

So when the email was sent out about going to Sassy Paints, I hesitated. Sassy Paints is a place where they teach you stroke by stroke how to paint a picture. Sure I can slap on some paint, but actually paint a picture? No way. Ugh. We have to go at night? I’m usually in my pajamas by 7:00. What will I wear? STOP! Just do it!

I am soooo glad I did! I have been twice now.

20130309-084436.jpgFrom the moment you arrive, you are saturated with color and fun. The first step is to gather your supplies: apron, paint and brushes. You are told the exact amounts of paint to put on your plate, so there isn’t even that to worry about.

20130309-084753.jpgFun and upbeat music is played getting you in a playful spirit. The instructor stands on a slightly elevated stage to demonstrate where to put the colors.


20130309-085139.jpgA little wine helps calm any nerves you might have. Just be careful not to dip your paintbrush in the wineglass. Not that I did that or anything, just saying.

20130309-085429.jpgOne gets a bit hungry being so artsy. Small appetizers are wonderful to have along.

20130309-085553.jpgThere’s a whole lot of chit chat going on between the easels.

20130309-085719.jpgThere are lots of surprises too! Maybe you think you just made the biggest mistake ever, (which there are no mistakes that can’t be fixed), or you just amazed yourself with the perfect shading or highlight.

20130309-085952.jpgMy daughter and I had such a great time together.


20130309-090115.jpgWe all came in without a clue and ended up leaving an artist!

20130309-090425.jpg The most important thing I gained from these evenings was the importance to say Yes!I takes effort and a willingness to put my insecurities aside and take the risk. By spending this one evening together I feel more comfortable to talk to these beautiful ladies in other situations. To be a better mother and wife, sometimes we need time away (a few hours or maybe a weekend) to rejuvenate. Being fueled by laughter, girly talk, and encouraging words can keep this gal going.

As a side note…I know you all are wondering “What do you do with the paintings when you get home?” Not everyone has a spot that will accommodate the style or size of painting in their home.

20130309-091958.jpgThe “Lovers in the Rain” is in my bedroom over an overcrowded bookshelf. Notice the heart shapes in the reflections and in between the lovers? Cool, huh.

20130309-092152.jpgMy daughter’s lover painting and the wine bottles are in my basement, along with lots of other handmade stuff. There is lots of color down there!