Seven State High Point Road Trip, part 1

Superman has this list of things he needs to do….No, not cleaning out the garage, that’s on my list of things for him to do. One of the things on his list is to go to the highest point in every state in the country. He has done over half of the high points so far. It is quite the task to not only climb to the top, but to actually make the plans to get to each of the states. Now some of them are just drive ups or just a place in someone’s backyard, but many are require hours or even days of hiking. Superman came up with the idea to do a little road trip. We would hit seven states in four days in order for him to check off the northern states. Was I up for it? Yeah! Sign me up!

Day 1. So we hopped on a plane and flew from South Carolina to Burlington, Vermont. Rented a car and drove an hour and half to Stowe, VT to hike Mount Mansfield.

Can I just say here, that Superman and I live in a conservative, button down, sorta preppy little town in the south and we landed in the land of granola? Don’t get me wrong! Vermont is a gorgeous state and people are lovely, I just felt a little out of place. We began the first of seven hikes for this trip, Mt. Mansfield. It was a crisp day and of course I didn’t pack very well. The temperature was about 30 degrees below what I had left first thing that morning in SC. In the parking lot I pulled on some hiking pants that were too small, so they crawled in all sorts of uncomfortable places. Superman did all he could to not laugh at my situation. He claims if I had “proper” hiking pants this wouldn’t be a problem. I say that if I hadn’t gained all this weight I wouldn’t have to be writing this at all!

Oh Look! There’s the summit!

As we reach the top, we see that, nope, it’s just a false summit. Hike on.Oh I see it! There it is! Just kidding. Another false summit. (Superman thinks this is hilarious.) Hike on.Finally, after steep climb we made it to the summit.We grab a bite to eat, get a sip of water and enjoy the view, but we have to get down and on to the next state!Hey, did I show you the itinerary Superman wrote up for this trip? This is why I don’t get too worried about what the plans are, because he thinks of everything! Now, what he didn’t plan for was a tour of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory! (And I haven’t figured out how not to take blurry selfies.) This little side stop was worth every lick of goodness, but it did get us off schedule.This way to Lake Placid ,New York. Unfortunately, the drive took a wee bit longer than we expected, so we arrived at the lodge late at night. We walked into the Adirondack Loj (Yes, that’s how you spell it) to a warm fire in the fireplace and this sweet group of people gathered around the piano singing. There were others who were reading and a few playing a game of cards. After a long day of plane rides, car driving and mountain hiking, and cold rainy weather, this lodge felt wonderful. We drag our bags upstairs to our room and try to figure it all out. First off, the guys bathroom is upstairs and the girls is downstairs, which isn’t as bad as you would think. Some rooms have single beds, others a couple of twins and a couple have multiple bunk beds. Luckily we got the one bed option. I’m all about singing around the fire and having a communal bathroom, but I’d really rather share a bedroom with family. The walls are thin, so if your neighbor is a snorer, please feel free to grab some earplugs downstairs.Day 2. After a hot breakfast, Superman started his 15 mile, 3500 foot climb to the top of Mt. Marcy in the cold rain. I, on the other hand, sat with my feet up in front of the warm fire reading a book. Superman made it clear before we left SC, that I could stay in the lodge and not have to do this baby. Yup! It’s on the schedule!😊I had a lovely day reading, drawing, reading, drinking hot tea, reading, checking out this gorgeous lake and reading until Superman got back in the afternoon. No rest for the weary, We had to get a move on. We had more states to see. We drove as far as we could before Superman just had enough for one day. Day 3. Early the next morning, we hopped in the car and drove a couple of hours to High Point, New Jersey. This fortunately was a drive up, literally we drove right up to this monument. Next stop…Philadelphia. Superman planned a quick visit here to see Independence Hall and the Revolutionary Museum.I had never been to Philly before, so I am so glad we stopped. Especially in this day of our country it’s good to hear the truth about how our country was brought to be.Can’t go to Philly without having a Real Philly CheeseSteak sandwich. Being from South Cackalacky, I didn’t realize there was a difference in CheeseWiz. Did you? In my part of the world, cheese wiz comes in a neon orange kind of hew. Here in Philly it is white! Now if I had known that! Needless to say it was delish without the melty goodness. It’s been fun Philly, but we’ve got to get to Delaware!I know it doesn’t look that far, and you’re right! It was only about an hour away. Here is Superman at the high point of Delaware, Ebright Azimuth looking quite pensive. This was an easy one to mark off the list. The hardest part was when we drove past it and had to turn around and park in some neighborhood. Ok, check✔️Now on to Washington D.C. Let me remind you that this is only day 3. Old Mar here has a bag of caramel popcorn and the google maps in my hand, so we were good to go. I am an awesome navigator if I say so myself. 😉

We arrived in DC, quickly dropped our bags in the hotel and got to walking. If you have been on a trip with Superman, you know there will be walking or hiking involved. Well, here we were in DC, one of his favorite cities, so we started walking.I think this is where we say goodbye until tomorrow. Part II of this adventure continues. Oh, we aren’t done yet folks!

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Pitch It to Win It!

20140621-091019-33019850.jpgMary Claire is a Communications Major and for their Capstone project, they developed, organized and put on “Pitch It to Win It” for The Harbor Entrepreneur Center. Not only did it sound like it was going to be a whole lot of fun, it was my girl’s big project, so I wanted to be there for her. I asked one sister to join me but she couldn’t get off work. (So responsible.) I asked a friend, but she would be in Florida with her family. (Come on, it’s only like an 8 hour drive for the evening.) I asked another friend, but she had just gotten off the road from driving like 10 hours. (She could’ve slept in the back seat.) I even asked my 84 year old mother, and she rejected me too! (Something about strange men, air conditioning guys, in her home all day.)

Ok! Alright! I’ll have to do this little spontaneous adventure all by myself.

20140621-092128-33688908.jpgI drove to Charleston, picked up my girl and we immediately headed to the site, The Holy City Brewing Company, to set up for the event.

20140621-092227-33747655.jpgThe team worked well to get everything set up and ready. The premise of the event is much like the tv show Shark Tank. The Harbor Entrepreneur Center is a non-profit organization that offers space, knowledge and support for up and coming businesses. So this event showcased 5, (although only 4 showed up), new business ideas, which were pitched to the audience and then voted on. The winner received a free month at the center.

20140621-093135-34295431.jpgWhile the crew was busy setting up, I did a little look-see around the place. On one side of this big warehouse building were the beer vats and on the other side was the bar.

20140621-093524-34524922.jpgAt a winery you’ll see rows of grape vines. At a brewery, you’ll see trailers full of hops!

20140621-093900-34740363.jpgAt a winery, one would do a little taste testing, so of course I needed to do the same here! I’m not a big fan of the heavy dark beers so I asked for some lighter ones. I liked them all except the third from the left. He says “It tastes different.” I say it tasted like a sweaty gym shoe. To each his own.

20140621-094222-34942489.jpgBecause there was going to be a big moving day at the office, Superman and the boys were not able to come, but that didn’t mean I was forgetting about them! I bought them each a t-shirt from the brewery.

20140621-094446-35086899.jpgThe Auto Bahn- Vietnamese Food Truck arrived just in time to feed these hungry workers.

20140621-094658-35218406.jpgYum! Mary Claire and I shared a pork sliced, pineapple-habanero sandwich and quick fried brussel sprouts in apple cider vinegar. Delish!

20140621-094906-35346438.jpgPeople began arriving.

20140621-094941-35381473.jpgThere were kids playing games.

20140621-095008-35408606.jpgSweet puppies to love on!

20140621-095206-35526560.jpgPatrons submitted ideas for new beer name.

20140621-095429-35669933.jpgThe Lumberjack Time-Travelers entertained with their cool sounds.

20140621-100151-36111384.jpgTime for the pitches. This is John, co-owner of The Harbor.

20140621-101104-36664404.jpgThis father/son team pitched their app idea that would help the hotel industry by locating immediate substitutes when an employee wouldn’t be able to show for their shift.

20140621-101326-36806086.jpgThis guy described his new emotion icon app that would be used to describe ones experience with a business.

20140621-101815-37095217.jpgThis guy, also, had an app idea that would go beyond which restaurants are near you. This app would direct you to where the locals eat, where the chefs in town go to eat, where the bartenders like to get a drink.

20140621-102035-37235654.jpgThis young girl, only a year out of college, pitched her sunscreen applicator, BlokRok. It applies sunscreen, or actually any lotion, in a fun, Eco-friendly and mess free way.

AND THE WINNER IS…. drum roll please…..

20140621-102317-37397119.jpgArianna and her BlokRok!!

I was very happy for her. Seeing a sweet, young girl, invent AND patent a product, go up against seasoned business men and beat them, was cool. Seriously, go check it out on Facebook. I know BlokRok would be tickled pink if you “liked” her product!

20140621-102759-37679879.jpgMary Claire’s team was recognized and thanked for their fabulous event. I know these kids learned so much from this experience. I was really proud of them.

20140621-103012-37812015.jpgAfter breaking everything down and packing things away, it was time to go home. I was privileged to be able to sleep at my girl’s apartment. Ahhh…the memories of living in my first apartment….

Another spontaneous adventure. Another memory made.

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