One Lady’s Crap is My Treasure: part 1- window treatment

It was just an ordinary Wednesday night with a dozen or so ladies were gathered in my basement for bible study. Over coffee and cake we were sharing our prayers and concerns. Trudy spoke up with exhaustion that she didn’t know what to do with all of her mother’s crap. (Now, Trudy is a proper, southern, church going woman, so to hear her use such a word as “crap”, I knew she was frustrated.) Her crafty-quilt making momma had passed away a year earlier and Trudy, along with family, had been going through her momma’s things to get ready to put the house up for sale. 

I asked “Well what kind of crap?” (You see, I’m not so well refined. I’ll say such a word.)

Trudy says “All kinds of yarn, fabric, quil…” I had to stop her right there. The heavens opened and the angels sang “AHHHHHH!!!!

“Trudy. Your worries are over. I will take your momma’s crap.”

And so I did. We filled my SUV from the front seat all the way to the back and up to the top with glorious, colorful, old, vintage fabric, yarn, buttons, sewing notions, quilting frames, and more. This is only a portion of the loot I brought home. This was a win-win for both Trudy and me. She got rid of all of her momma’s craft supplies and I received a treasure trove of materials to create with.

Now there was some sorting to be done. I went through every bag, can and box. I threw away garbage bags full of stuff that no one could use, but I kept so much interesting stuff that looked so promising.

For example, I found 2 inch squares of fabric divided by color in sandwich bags. In one baggie was this strand of triangles sewn together. What was she going to do with them? I started folding those squares in half and sewing them together. I had an idea of how I could use them.I sewed and sewed and sewed close to 6 1/2 yards of triangles.And now I have a colorful, unique and waayyy cute window treatment! I ❤❤❤!

Thank you Trudy’s momma! And thank you for stopping by! Tomorrow I’ll share my next little adventure with all this treasure.

I’m so Happy!

Sometimes it’s the little things that make my heart giddy.This fella of mine has decided to make healthy life choices. He came home from school yesterday asking if he could go to the grocery store to buy food for his lunch. He walked in an hour later with his arms loaded with bags full of chicken, flank steak, vegetables, sauces and storage containers. He was so excited about slicing, cooking, and packaging his lunches for the week. In the end end, he had prepared five lunches of chicken or steak, rice, sautéed veggies and a salad. He kept repeating “I’m tired of the excuses. I just have to do it.” Wow. I’ve got a lot to learn.Do you see them?! No, not the flowers. LIGHTS!!! OhEmGee! Lights. Bright lights. Ben came yesterday and installed the track lights. After ten years in my craft room upstairs with no windows, then moving everything down to the basement to a room with windows and now LIGHTS! I want to be here every day, all day long.I feel a bit selfish about this beauty which has made my heart literally skip with joy. (Although those two green squares that match up kind of make me crazy. I’m going to let it go.) I feel a bit guilty about all the time I’ve put into something just for me, but just look at her! While Ben was installing lights, I cut a couple hundred little two inch squares and sewed them together to make the border. I loved hand sewing all of the flowers and leaves. I loved using scraps that I have on hand. Each one is different.  No two are alike. It is colorful, bright, flowery, and fun. If you want to know my style…this is it.

What’s made your heart sing lately?

Thanks for dropping by!