More than a Crepes Class with my Boy

Being a mom of babies and toddlers is exhausting. You are on call 24 hours a day for feedings, diaper changes, meals, snacks, play, storytime, baths, boo boos, scary dreams, cleanups,and  laundry. As the children move into elementary and middle school our job description includes homework and lots of drivetime and extra curricular activities. During these years we still have some sense of control. We are exhausted, but we are active participants in our children’s daily lives.

 Then the children enter high school. Sure, we go to their soccer games, cross country running events and dance recitals, but our time with our kids starts to diminish. As teenagers should be doing, they learn to drive, work weekends at the local fastfood joint, do their own laundry and prepare some of their own meals. Yes, the child between 16-18 still needs a strong parental influence in their life, but it’s done in a more hands off way. The risks are higher for their mistakes, but as a parent we have to let them test their wings. Thomas is my last child at home. He’s my 6’3″ baby. I’m having a bit of a time learning to adjust to my 25 year reign ending as Queen Mom. He’s such a great kid, responsible, loving, helpful and still learning through mistakes. His growing independence means less time at home. Our time together before he’s off to college is limited. What’s a mom and her almost grown boy to do to keep connected?

For my last birthday Mary Claire and Tyler gave me a certificate for two to take cooking lessons at a local shop. I know a number of people who I would have enjoyed inviting, but my first thought was to ask Thomas. He immediately said Yes!We decided to learn how to make crepes. Crepes are actually one of the most popular food items around the world. We usually just think think about the French eating them, but in South India they make a rice batter for dosas, which they fill with savory fillings. In areas of Africa they make injeras, Latin American countries fill tortillas and in China jianbing.

The key to a good crepe is to allow the batter to settle. Letting the batter to rest overnight lets the air bubbles to escape. Secondly, using a hot pan is essential. Pour a small ladle of batter into sizzling pan, swirl to spread batter, then pour out the excess batter back into bowl.Wait for the edges to curl, then flip! Thomas was an expert. After everyone had a chance to make a few crepes, we stacked them up and then the men made about twenty more.The chef had prepared the savory fillings ahead of time, sausage, shredded chicken, ham, mushrooms, peppers, artichokes, asparagus, broccoli and more. So as the men flipped out the crepes, the women began filling them with wonderful combinations of veggies, meat and cheese. We placed our filled crepes into casserole dishes. One pan of crepes was covered in a fresh cheese sauce and the other had a delicious roasted red pepper sauce. Both were put in the oven to heat. As the savory crepes warmed in the oven, a few of us sliced the strawberries for the chocolate crepe dessert. 

I don’t have a picture of our plate, but trust me when I say YUMMO! Our plates had two crepes, one with each of the two different sauces and a small salad. (Thomas loved his crepes, but admitted we would have to hit a drive-thru on our way home. A strapping young man like him needs more to sustain him.) 

But the icing on the cake or actually, more precisely the creme de la creme, was dessert! The crepe was made with a chocolate batter swirl and filled with a Neufchatel and Nutella cream. O.M.G.! The sliced strawberries were sautéed in melted sugar and rum, then drizzled on top of the chocolate crepe. Need I say more? As we walked back to the car, Thomas put his arm around me, thanked me for the evening and said “You know mom? We don’t get to spend much time alone together. This was nice.” Yeah, buddy, this was very nice.

It wasn’t so much that we learned to make crepes, but more that my son and I spent some quality time together. For that I am so thankful! 

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Oh Happy Day!

20140401-082321.jpgartwork via Katie Daisy
Oh Happy Day! The sun is shining and it’s going to get up to 80 degrees. I get to drive four handsome, smart, loving and very funny guys to school. I feel energized. I feel like singing. I feel like saying Hey!to Laney the lab.
So, is it a crime for me for me to be a little joyful in car going to school? I think not!

I compromise on the radio station, because I look at it as an opportunity to throw in a bit of mom-isms to counter the trash being presented. Such as the importance of fathers in the child’s life. And how much more honorable it is to keep your pants zipped. Sure it takes two to tango, but if that young girl had a loving father relationship and a boyfriend who was willing to honor her, she may keep her legs crossed. (And with that, she ended her sermon with an Amen!)

The day is beautiful! Be joyful! Let’s all sing together!

“Mom! Please be quiet.”

“Baby, I love you!” I try stroking his sweet widdle head, but he pushes my hand away.

“Seriously. Be quiet.”

Well, now I get the giggles. (Actually, it turned into an all out guffaw, tears rolling, and I can’t get my breath.) One of the guys asked what was in my coffee.

“Mom! Oh my gosh.”

“Would you rather me be a grumpy face?”

He just shakes his head in disgust.

As I wish the boys a great day and encourage them to be joy spreaders, he slams the car door.

“Oh, reeeally now?” I think to myself. That to me is a challenge. In fact, it just escalated to a Triple-Dog-Dare-You!
So, as I circle around the parking lot and pass in front of the school, I rolled down my window, beeped my horn and shouted to my sweet, adorable son to have a great day!

Again, I ask…Is it a crime to have a joyful spirit so early in the morning? I think not. Just don’t ask me to turn it off!

I hope your day is filled with singing, dancing and a whole lot of laughing!
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