One Lady’s Crap is My Treasure: part 1- window treatment

It was just an ordinary Wednesday night with a dozen or so ladies were gathered in my basement for bible study. Over coffee and cake we were sharing our prayers and concerns. Trudy spoke up with exhaustion that she didn’t know what to do with all of her mother’s crap. (Now, Trudy is a proper, southern, church going woman, so to hear her use such a word as “crap”, I knew she was frustrated.) Her crafty-quilt making momma had passed away a year earlier and Trudy, along with family, had been going through her momma’s things to get ready to put the house up for sale. 

I asked “Well what kind of crap?” (You see, I’m not so well refined. I’ll say such a word.)

Trudy says “All kinds of yarn, fabric, quil…” I had to stop her right there. The heavens opened and the angels sang “AHHHHHH!!!!

“Trudy. Your worries are over. I will take your momma’s crap.”

And so I did. We filled my SUV from the front seat all the way to the back and up to the top with glorious, colorful, old, vintage fabric, yarn, buttons, sewing notions, quilting frames, and more. This is only a portion of the loot I brought home. This was a win-win for both Trudy and me. She got rid of all of her momma’s craft supplies and I received a treasure trove of materials to create with.

Now there was some sorting to be done. I went through every bag, can and box. I threw away garbage bags full of stuff that no one could use, but I kept so much interesting stuff that looked so promising.

For example, I found 2 inch squares of fabric divided by color in sandwich bags. In one baggie was this strand of triangles sewn together. What was she going to do with them? I started folding those squares in half and sewing them together. I had an idea of how I could use them.I sewed and sewed and sewed close to 6 1/2 yards of triangles.And now I have a colorful, unique and waayyy cute window treatment! I ❤❤❤!

Thank you Trudy’s momma! And thank you for stopping by! Tomorrow I’ll share my next little adventure with all this treasure.

Craft Room Storage

i-bjjljhw-l-1This past Thanksgiving we hosted the annual HooHa. On Friday of that weekend we went down to the farm for a little shootin.20161125-204a1181Hee Hee…I have no idea what my mom is all excited about, but I do know that the only stuff she’s sippin is southern sweet iced tea.i-n4dkfrw-l-1After shooting skeet and blowing up stuff, we headed to the barn for some burgers and hot dogs. With our bellies full, a few of us decided to go check out Grandma Becky and Harry’s house. They’ve been gone for over twenty years and the house has been rented out to family friends, but there is a storage shed that hadn’t been opened in all that time.i-cjz8srv-l-1Harry was a collector.


We had nimble Tyler climb in through this window to check things out. To the naked eye it looks like just a bunch of junk. But with someone who wants some cool storage for her craft room, this just might be a gold mineimg_1071-1My eye saw this beauty right away! It was covered in rusty buckets, rags and trash. It has no drawers, but carried lots of wasp nests underneath.img_1074-1Oh Boy! This gem was filled with coveralls and more rags.img_1076-1I remember this cabinet in Grandma Becky’s kitchen where she stored her canned goods. After so many years of neglect, the cans corroded and when put in the shed mice took over. The mice made nests in the coveralls and pooped all over the shelves.img_1077-1Even with all of that yuck, I fell in love with these Mexican guys. Whatever I did to the cabinet, I had to keep these two intact.img_2803-1To both pieces I lightly sanded them and then put a coat or two of clear poly on each. The chest needed brackets and shelves to hold my Cricut materials. I was pretty proud of myself for how I figured it all out. But of course it wasn’t perfect. Do you see how I went catywonkus screwing in the screw and split the wood? Do I pull it all out and start over? NO Way! Pull out the glue gun and attach some lace to cover it all up.img_1145-1 I think its more lovely with the lace!img_1146-1So here is the rat poop-can corroded cabinet looking pretty fabulous, if I do say so myself. And most importantly, the Mexican guys are still there.img_1147-1

Truly, the most important part is all the storage! I scrubbed and sanded the inside, then gave it a quick coat of paint. It takes up such little space but holds so much!

I’m still not ready to let you see the entire new craft room, so you’ll just have to hold on to your panties. After the lights go up and I have it looking all purty I’ll give you a tour.i-ssfnddb-l-1This little junkin experience was fun on many levels. I discovered treasures with family, I turned a few ugly ducklings into storage swans and I’m creating a  room that is making me very happy.

Thanks for dropping by!