Top 10 Things That Make Me Excited Today

  1. Standing in my garden with bare feet in my pajamas.

 2. Spaghetti sauce in the making. 

 3. A juicy red watermelon growing on the vine. 

 4. A good old southern tomato sandwich with Dukes mayo, salt and pepper on soft bread. Yum. 

 5. First harvest of beans.  

 6. I officially bought the last wild berry ribbon in Spartanburg county. Luckily for me, these last two rolls were all I needed to finish up. 

 7. Last of the craft projects done. (Mary Claire’s laces for her wedding shoes.) 

 8. Two groomsmen are complete with suits, white shirts and black shoes. Whew. 

 9. In one day, I will be sitting in a place just like this. 

 10. In one week, we will be sitting here giving our daughter away to a wonderful young man.

Gotta go pack! Thanks for dropping by! 


A Wedding in California

20140530-100816-36496440.jpgOne of the first things we heard when we arrived in Monterey, CA was the barking of the sea lions. I think I could have watched their antics all day long.20140530-101100-36660746.jpg


20140530-101101-36661614.jpgJust try to tell me it’s not beautiful.

20140530-101203-36723533.jpgWe came out here to celebrate my niece, Brianna’s, wedding in Santa Cruz. Unfortunately, Thomas couldn’t come along because of high school exams.

20140530-101343-36823497.jpgI bought a new camera and was trying out the auto-shoot mode.

20140530-101451-36891868.jpgJust being wanky.

20140530-101834-37114580.jpgI hated that Big T couldn’t be with us, but I am so thankful that these two were able to be with us.

20140530-102019-37219069.jpgAfter doing the Pacific 17 mile loop around Monterey-Carmel and Pebble Beach, we headed to Santa Cruz to meet up with family. We got to meet another niece and her husband’s baby boy, Parker.

20140530-102831-37711114.jpgCan you say…A-Dor-Able?! It was a bit overwhelming for the little fella to have just taken his first flight across the country, waking up not in his own bed, and having to meet a whole bunch of new people. I really tried to keep my personality in check and not scare the poor thing. It didn’t take long before the two of us were buddies.

20140530-103624-38184577.jpgBeing in the beach town of Santa Cruz, we were able to walk to Betty’s for a burger.

20140530-103800-38280853.jpgIt was so great catching up with my sister, Annie, and her family.

20140530-103917-38357971.jpgMeanwhile, while we were having lunch, Brianna’s friend, Meghan, was busy baking an absolutely delicious gluten-free carrot cake for the wedding. Isn’t she adorable? I think this picture should go on the cover of her future cookbook.

20140530-104442-38682187.jpg “Uh, excuse me sir! Do you have a license for those guns?” Nineteen year olds…what am I to do with them?

20140530-185839-68319885.jpgInto the afternoon it was time for the wedding rehearsal. Looks like the bride and groom have it all down pat.

20140530-185958-68398365.jpgThis is my beautiful sister, the mother-of-the-bride, Annie.

20140530-190142-68502532.jpgAfter the wedding rehearsal, we all met at the Harbor Cafe for dinner. We saw family and old friends, like Nicole, here! Nicole and the bride, Brianna, grew up together in Mill Valley and she has come to South Cakalacky several times for family gatherings. So she feels like another niece to me.

20140602-083606-30966366.jpgMeeting Scott’s side of the family was an absolute delight! His mom and dad were genuinely kind, funny and engaging. It was only a short weekend, but I think I may have known them my whole life!

20140602-083848-31128029.jpgOh! That sweet baby Parker and me playing peek-a-boo.

20140602-083939-31179334.jpgI guess you can tell where Bri got her superstar looks from.

20140602-084026-31226321.jpgSo, after dinner, Jackson emceed the Trivia game while Adam kept detailed score. Bri and Scott came up with around 25 facts about different people in attendance. Each table was given a white board tablet to record the answers.

20140602-084605-31565149.jpgFor example…”Who wore Bubba teeth the first time they met Scott?”(I think the California tables were either horrified of the idea of Bubba teeth or were too sophisticated to know what they were.)

20140602-084832-31712085.jpgThe answer of course…Superman!! (He’s classy like that.) Annnd…I got a little bit excited about getting a point.

20140602-085330-32010066.jpgIn the end, this table of young hotties won. I have my doubts that they even wrote anything down on the tablet. Jackson and Adam were the judges too. I have a feeling that no matter what these beautiful young ladies wrote down they got a point from the guys.

20140602-085607-32167474.jpgMany sweet, heartfelt toasts were made to the wedding couple. Scott and Brianna wiped away tears as they were reminded of how much they are loved.


I am so glad my mom was able to go. I cherish these moments with her.20140602-085818-32298893.jpgA fun evening.

20140602-090043-32443260.jpgOf course, the following day was the wedding. This is Brianna-the bride, Alex-Maid of honor and sister, and Jackson-brother. I love these guys. The sunny, warm weather made the wedding outside by the pool perfect. The reception was decorated beautifully with gorgeous white hydrangeas, gigantic white lilies and white roses. Again toasts were made to the new bride and groom. Although all of them were loving sentiments, Jackson made the tears flow when he mentioned how my daddy would have loved to have been there to celebrate this moment with Brianna. As soon as he said “Pepaw”, I lost it. It’s been ten years since he passed and I miss him to this day.

20140602-091057-33057325.jpgThank goodness for the photo booth to act a little silly. Two sets of pictures came with each sitting, one for you and one for the wedding scrapbook, where you could write a message to the couple.

20140602-091317-33197080.jpgBrianna and Scott- Enjoy this new ride called marriage. There will be ups, and there will be downs. Hold on to each other. Keep your feet firmly planted. We love you! The Higgins